Session 41: Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the moondogs of war

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 41: Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the moondogs of war

Post by rgl2112 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:42 pm

Combat continues, and the moondog howls are a force to be reckoned with, Pretor's weapons lying on the ground and him fleeing prove that point. Xander rushes in to retrieve his weapons as the party moves into the nearby guard room. Suspecting the moondogs are split up, they aren't sure exactly what to do.

Once in the guardroom, Amadeus spots a lone moondog and places a Sphere of Force around it, containing it as it still watches us eagerly. Hypnotic patterns plague those who remain in the room, seemingly coming from the other moondog, still on the move. After Xander dispels the moondog's magical effects, the party decides to deal with the one they have captured and when ready, it is released. Darkness engulfs the party and damage is done to the moondog, however, the other has joined the fight in the adjacent room.

Teaming up and fiercely fighting, the party brings down one of the moondogs as the other flees out of the rooms and down the hall towards the exit from the keep. The party gives chase, not sure of the direction until we hear a howling toward where Hexor (or Vexor) was posted near the exit. As the party closes in, the moondog changes directions and sprints down the hall towards the throne room. Losing some speed while traipsing through the Spirit Guardians, Pretor and Valek are able to teleport to the end of the hall as Amadeus and Xander close off the other. The second moondog is luckily slain, and crisis was averted.

A total of 8 guards have died in the attacks the last few days, and reinforcements will surely be needed. The siege engineers, Bob and Barney, were also found to be missing, presumed dead. After Amadeus communes with Karamaka, it is determined that there is not a traitor in their midst nor any more hidden moondogs. Once rested and after feasting on moondog (sharing a meal with Sister Dian), the party decides it is time to return to Everett to conduct more business and restock the keep. The additional parts may also be picked up to be able to restore the alchemical golem.

Upon the return to Everett, the Baron informs the party he is celebrating a birthday soon and has invited them to attend. They must be on their best behavior as the Lord of Hammerfel himself will be a guest. They are not to do anything to disrupt the party and no harm may come to the Lord or his attendants or it will be a breach of the Geas. It is suggested that they may use this as a chance to scout the Lord and his men, perhaps learning who is who and how to best deal with him when the time comes.
By Karamaka's Will

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