Session 33: Horn Preparations and Teleport Mastery

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 33: Horn Preparations and Teleport Mastery

Post by rgl2112 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:25 pm

  • 7 Rujan, 712AO – Casting glyphs, skeletons are working downstairs to make the place livable – 2000 gold worth of Silver Metal spent on glyphs
  • 8th – Maybe returns to the Seat of Ulnar, More glyphs, Garavel arrives in Everett, party of 6 including the escort.
  • 9th – Bullywugs are building numbers, Pretor is asking them to defend the lower levels and stand guard. There will be an “Alarm” area that is maintained by Picket. If there is a problem, the bullywug guards will run to the Alarmed spot, and trigger it for Picket to spread the word. Amadeus is researching how to conjure Hell Hounds. Learned “call forth the Hounds”
  • 10th – Learned “Call forth the Steed”
  • 11th – Learned “Cauldron of Earth”. Wood collected, stone in the statuary
  • 12th – TP to Everett. Instructions were given to Hexxor and Vexxor
    Popped into Everett at the Baron’s Safehouse.
Treasure accounting: (Picket is making a shopping list)
2000 pounds worth in silver metal (10000 gold)
600 pounds of gold metal (30000 gold)
5500 gold in loose coins and gems
600 gold in gems
12 Cure 3s

Butler says, the Baron is waiting for you in his library. The servants bring food and drink, small sausages, duck confit, and pigeon eggs over easy with the Baron’s special butter for Amadeus.
He chides us for letting the world know where we are. Be careful bargaining with demons.

We discuss whether anyone has left town for the Horn, he told us to check with the other Knot.

There is one relative of the Victor. The Lord of Hammerhall is the only one we need worry about. His father and older brother are deceased. Sir Val Endarian.

We leave the Baron and talk to the White Raven. We see Trak (the ranger). He leads us to the room. We come into the room and he closes it behind.

Elise says, "At least do yourselves the dignity of dropping the disguises. We’ve been unable to contact you for days. Since we are unable to contact you, there was a local party that left and is four days on the road. We will make this place uncomfortable for any parties wishing to go interrupt you. We will also take care of any that want to go to the Horn."

In addition to Sending at Midnight, the backup will be a runner that will have a day delay in a message from the closest waystation.

We go back to the baron and discuss how we may deal with Vetra Kali once we have broken the seal and brought him back. We must find out what he wants to appease him. We will be back in a a few days after dealing with the first interlopers...among whom we know there is a Believer of Avenar...

13th – We TP back to outside the lower level of the Horn.
By Karamaka's Will

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