Session 34: Ambush at Hotel Vetra-Kalifornia

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 34: Ambush at Hotel Vetra-Kalifornia

Post by jbvholli » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:33 pm

"There they are, in accordance with the prophecy, as I foretold" says, the Lillend Caliste, in the form of a flying serpentine creature...

Lillend Caliste and six "consorts" attack the Forsaken at the base of the Horn. The PCs are surprised. The Lillend starts the shitshow with a Cloudkill, and while we mostly make our saves, everybody takes damage and is in obscurement. Six 'consorts' (Flying elves) also open up with arrow shots. The battle turns into a spell exchange with the unarmored PCs being especially targeted. Pretor hexes the leader and then makes a fall back fighting dash for the entrance of the cavern. He is quickly followed by Amadeus, who gets off some fire and becomes invisible. Picket braves the fire and casts a sleetstorm after countering another Lillend spell. Valak attempts to mix it up with the attackers and calls for aid from the demon guardians Hexor and Vexor. Xander casts his ranged cantrip and moves into the difficult terrain of the cave entrance.
Aid comes in the form of Ezz-Ra the Thrice Damned and his three wraith servants. As the party moves to cover, the angelic presence and her consorts also fly in after them. Lillend Caliste casts a Web and gets Valak, Xander and Amadeus, but only Xander fails his save. Picket staying outside manages to become knocked out. Valak manages to lay on with the lillend and rescues Picket, bringing him around with his healing energy. The wraith servants all attack one of the consorts; strangely, Ezz-Ra is only using his powers to bring back killed consorts to serve him. Amadeus casts a Fireball and Picket gets off a Vitriolic Sphere before he's knocked out again. Xander is also knocked out. After four of the consorts are knocked off (three are turned into sub-wraiths) the Llillend Cliste says some shit about the wrath of the forest and bottles with the two remaining cupids.

Afterwards Valak attempts to dress down one of the demons for not helping and gets peremptory fiendly guff.
Pretor talks to Zikomo for the nature of aid from the bullywugs and meets some of the actual warriors.

Using the tellyport highway, not even drying our hair; dire spell of Caliste, rising up through the air; coming from a long distance, they saw our shimmering light; our hearts were heavy and our moods were grim, not expecting a fight.

shes got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, she calls consorts

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