Session 45: Cry 'Happy Birthday!', and let slip the frogs of war

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 45: Cry 'Happy Birthday!', and let slip the frogs of war

Post by rgl2112 » Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:53 pm

After much deliberation, the party decides to move one of the assassin vines to the second level and move the two guards stationed a bit further inside. The Forsaken spend an evening in the Horn and then decide it is time to return to Everett in order to meet up with the caravan that should soon be arriving and prepare for their return journey.

While there, Valek and Xander pay a visit to the White Raven to learn anything new or if any adventurers have been poking around. After leaving the inn, Xander decides to track down Trik and ask him the same questions on a more personal level. After getting the same answers and learning nothing new...again, they meet back up with the rest of the Scooby gang and meet Barbara Bush, who will be doing their makeup for the upcoming birthday party. Amadeus obtains the final piece of the Alchemical Golem puzzle, charming a human ladyboy named "Cinnamon Something-or-other" to bring back to the Horn. After bargaining with the drovers and agreeing to meet them in one week to load up and head out, the party returns to the Horn.

Amadeus gets to work on the golem with Xander and Pickett helping as needed. Valek stands guard after sending his cohorts out ranging (discovering two giant Frogs to add to the menagerie). Completing the Alchemical Golem and naming her Cinnamon, he assigns her to the captain of the guards for the Horn to direct as needed.

Time passes in the Horn and it's the day before the Birthday party. The group decides it's much better being there a day early to get the 24 hour timer going on the Teleport Ring in case of an emergency evac is necessary. The MT gets us to the Baron's house who assigns us new quarters for the weekend. After handling the drovers and getting them on their way (need shopping list, Pickett), the group spends the evening and next day preparing their cover stories for the party and their disguises. Valek will be Lustin Redleaf, an elvish merchant from the Silverwood, with Pickett as his non-descript and mute page. Pretor will assume the role of Staunton, a merchant from the outskirts of Brandermill with Amadeus taking the role of his unassuming page. Xander will take the role of Harvel, a halfing from Greenhearth who is travelling the lands visiting shrines and temples of the deities as he makes his way to Greymling to visit relatives.

As they arrive at the party separately, the party begins to mingle, each having private moments with the Baron. Baron takes the opportunity to introduce Valek to a mysterious Lady Marsten. Her contacts in the city may prove useful to the Chord in the future. After some time, the party falls quiet as the Lord of Hammarhall is introduced. Sir Valen Darian enters the party and gifts the Baron a small box that is taken to the back. With him in full livery are Stickman, a paladin with a glaive, Sagat who is wearing splint mail and has a very nice sword and bow, and a host of 6 Hammarhall knights armed with battleaxes and full plate. Tagging along is also Abbess Temperence Avigail and her female guards from the Abbey of St Celeste, Sister Diane's Order.

As the night goes on, small talk is share amongst Pretor and Sir Valen, as well as between Valak and Sir Valen. "Harvel" takes the opportunity to interrupt the conversation to parley with "Lustin" about the goings-ons in the Silverwood, and the possible threat of evil that has been uncovered there. Obviously implying that something needs to be done, he just as quickly excuses himself to converse with the Baron about something or other. Pretor has a short conversation with the Abbess, she is interested in his religious leanings, but has no other care for him.

After a short while the Lord of Hammarhall and his entourage excuse themselves, and the gathering winds down without event.

End of session (not bad from memory and a couple names written down, submit corrections if necessary)
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Re: Session 45: Cry 'Happy Birthday!', and let slip the frogs of war

Post by Dave » Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:25 pm

I’d say to fairly well crushed it.

Only thing I saw was Valek’s men got 2 giant frogs instead of 1.
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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