Session 11 - Amadeus Oppressed

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 11 - Amadeus Oppressed

Post by Jonathan » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:38 am


Godsday comes around and we meet for breakfast in the main room of the keep.
Amadeus goes out in urchin form to watch the street and the Inn and Xander slips into one of the dwarves rooms and searches it out.
He searches two more rooms and finds some blueprints of the keep and steals them.
In walks an elf, red haired, wearing a black and charcoal robe of fine cloth. He wears glasses and a robe with two lines of flames.
Amadeus comes downstairs appearing as a 50 year old forest gnome with a smile on his face. He slips and uses the name “Neblin” instead of Amadeus arousing suspicions.
They chat for a while Captain Iron Sam comes in and they head to the fairgrounds. They seem to be a little offput that Amadeus says he spent time in Xot. The bartender tags along and the party comes to watch the show.
Using portent Amadeus smacks a tiny target from 120 feet away with more than max damage. He requests to stay and train with Tacticitus in the magical arts.

The captain says they might have a position for him and they head off to the keep.
They find Lord Thomas Haviland in full plate mail waiting decorated with an unusual symbol of Avenar. Like the usual one but with a crown. The head cleric is next to him.
They accuse him quickly of having the stench of evil. He drops all his stuff except the headband. The wizard casts detect magic. They discover the headband and the wizard accuses him of holding something back. Amadeus throws the headband to the ground and they quickly see him for the Svirfneblin that he is. They get real mean, real quick and then see the brand. They truss him up and take him into the keep.
The party scatters and then assumes new disguises. They come back to the inn to see if anyone is coming for them.
Evening passes and the dwarves pass out.
Xander and Pretor go invisible to check out the basement. They don’t seem to find anything.
Next day comes around. The dwarves wake the party up with their loud song as they head up to the keep.
The triumvirate comes in to question him in the morning. He doesn’t give up any information. Sticking to his guns and saying that he came up here to escape the vengeance of the Lake States.
The party sits and contemplates rescuing Amadeus but slowly conclude that the mission is paramount.
They scheme and find a potential way to sneak him in a scroll to allow his escape.
The party goes out and find a scroll of gaseous form. The birds go around and lead them to Amadeuss cell. The mage come’s and they talk. He is left without the ball gag as a result. In another life they would have had much in common.
That next morning the Xander and Pretor find the secret passage under in the Inn and follow it to where it comes out in the keep by the smithy.
He gets the scroll off the bird without the guards noticing. He tries to confess and get one of the guards to run off and get Lord Haviland but they call in a third guard. Amadeus steels himself to cast under duress.
He see’s the guards ready their arrows and he uses a hard sell on them pretending to cast as a free action and then readying to cast as they shoot. Two arrows strike him and then hit the floor shortly thereafter as Amadeus moves into gaseous form and drifts out the window.
He immediately shoots up into the sky at a groundbreaking 10ft per round attempting to keep the sun in between himself and searchers. He eventually drifts off over the cliffs and tries to decide what would be his best move.
The party had sprung him but going back to the Inn was to dangerous. The likelihood of rematerializing with the chains was equally risky in the forest.

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Re: Session 11 - Amadeus Oppressed

Post by Dave » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:46 pm

Continuity bump
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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