Session 12: The great escape, and don't split the party....

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 12: The great escape, and don't split the party....

Post by Kyle » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:49 pm

The night starts with Amadeus escaping from the keep. The Keep mage flies up searching for Amadeus. The keep goes into lockdown. Amadeus advances north approximately ½ a mile to the top of a tree. He is able to slip his bonds as he returns to his physical form. He eventually makes his way north to a farm. After a while he watches the family and sees in the distance the patrol arrives and stays for a few minutes. He keeps low and the patrol leaves. Eventually he makes his way close enough to kill a goat and eat it.
We decide to cause some havoc on the leadership of the keep. After a couple days the keep lockdown releases. The dwarves come back, pissed off having been kept in the keep. We buy them drinks and hear stories about the keep.
Our first task is to take care of the captains. We head to the house of the Captain whose wife is cheating on him. We stake out the house and learn the lover’s schedules. The next day we decide to send Praetor in disguise around 30 minutes before his normal arrival time to go beat up the lady of the house. Praetor heads into the house, she is surprised and he poorly attacks her. Eventually he beats her senseless. As he leaves the house Picket whom looks like a local city urchin, screams that he saw the man covered in blood exit the house. Praetor runs off and changes his form. A crowd starts to form and the city guard shows up and enters the house. The real cheating captain arrives and sees the commotion. Soon the other Captain arrives from duty to check on his wife. He hears her story, and comes outside, walks right up to the other Captain and takes a swing with his Halberd. A battle ensues. The cheater eventually succumbs to the armored watch captain scorned. He is slain in the street. The killer captain then puts down his weapons and commands the guards to place him under arrest. He is taken off to be put to death for dueling.
We make our way away from the area.
Our next target is Mama Giuseppe. Valek and the thief cleric head over to her house. The guards bring supplies to her to make the stew. Valek tries to masturbate the horse and is shoo’ed away for being creepy. Eventually he changes form and tries again to stop the cart carrying the now made stew. Valek points under the cart saying that thing is falling apart. Eventually the 3 guards and Mama Giuseppe look at the undercarriage. The thief cleric manages to slip the poison into the stew, and Valek says ah never mind and walks away.
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Re: Session 12: The great escape, and don't split the party....

Post by Dave » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:46 pm

Continuity bump, and wtf Kyle...
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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