Session 13 - Amadeus Found and The Party Actually Gets Shit Done

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 13 - Amadeus Found and The Party Actually Gets Shit Done

Post by DalamarD » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:23 pm

On the evening of Godsday, our band (sans Amadeus) is at the Lord’s Inn Discretion going over our plans to prepare for the assault on the following day. We discuss potential ways to eliminate or incapacitate one or more of the remaining threats, ideally Tacitus or Father Donnigan. During the discussion, Amadeus’ raven shows up at the window with a note from the erstwhile imprisoned mage. The note indicates that he is on the east side of town waiting for an evac. Xander heads out with Picket’s disguise circlet to retrieve the bedraggled svirfneblin. They meet up and head back to the inn under safety of disguise.

Amadeus recounts little of value pertaining to the mission, but does indicate that he was likely responsible for the death of Lord Havelyn’s niece, thus leading to the lord’s distressed state. We resolve to infiltrate the keep via the secret passage under the inn and attempt to cause havoc. Our specific plan is to retrieve Amadeus’ belongings, poison the ravens, and then assassinate either the wizard or cleric. Amadeus stays behind because he can’t re-memorize spells or disguise himself. Xander and Picket disguise themselves as construction dwarves while Pretor and Valak go as guards. We enter the secret passage after the inn denizens sleep, and proceed unmolested.

We enter the keep and see a vast array of food and water supplies. We then enter a room full of halberds and other weapons. We continue on towards the rookery, deftly bluffing our way past the guards, informing them that we were instructed to fix some masonry by the rookery. The next room contains many bows and thousands of arrows, situated in an excellent vantage point from which to rain death down upon any invading force.

There are two guards in the rookery area, which we expertly bluff and bypass, thus entering the rookery proper. We meet Mad Martin and he is displeased with our intrusion. We tell him we need to repair the wall, and while he is distracted, we replace the existing bird seed with the poisoned food. This accomplished, we head back down, taking five bows with us. We proceed to the armory, and from there head into the keep towards the kitchen. We continue through and up, bluffing guards as we go, we head towards the trebuchet.

A few rooms before the trebuchet, we encounter two guards who don’t buy our story. They insist that we go talk to Captain Sam, and we respond by casting silence and engaging in combat. Picket holds them both. Valak knocks one unconscious with the pommel of his sword as the rest of the group flails ineffectually at the remaining guard. Eventually, Picket knocks out the second guard. We take their warning horns, and then suffocate them, leaving no blood.

We then come to a door that says, “Do Not Open.” There is a large cauldron bubbling within. Amadeus’ belongings are in here, as well as a notebook, and a fancy looking bottle of tincture, all of which Valak puts in the bag of holding. We drag the bodies of the two guards into the room. Xander casts silence on the other door in the chamber, and then inspects it, determining that it is not trapped. We enter, and see a figure in the nearby bed. We all rush in and attack the prone Tacitus, and with our surprise, murderize him quite efficiently. We loot the room, including a hidden lockbox. We proceed upstairs, and bluff our way past the guards. We enter the roof, and encounter three additional guards. We take a random big ass cog from the trebuchet, which was out of commission anyway, and head back down. We silence Tacitus’ room, pose the guards in compromising positions, and light the whole place on fire with oil. As the evidence of our murder burns, we proceed out of the keep, past father Donnigan, and through the secret passage. As we attempt to exit the storeroom, we encounter the innkeep, as the scene fades to black…

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Re: Session 13 - Amadeus Found and The Party Actually Gets Shit Done

Post by Dave » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:47 pm

Continuity bump
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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