Session 14 - Amadeus Re-Oppressed

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 14 - Amadeus Re-Oppressed

Post by rgl2112 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:57 pm

Session 14 – Amadeus Re-Oppressed

The party is in the storeroom about to head back to the bar and the secret door opens, and there stands the bartender. Kyle attacks the bartender with Chill Touch, killing him instantly. We drag him back into the tunnel and close the door behind us, putting him into the Bag of Holding. Once back to the rooms, they give Amadeus his belongings that were retrieved. Xander inspects and works on unlocking the box. It is opened. There are 120 gold pieces in the box as well as a spell book, with a pin lock that says:

The Heart of All Flame

It’s not just spells, but a written treaty on the beauty and purity of flame, and how ice when it grows cold enough, burns.

Xander sleeps with the glasses, Valak sleeps with the ring, Pretor with the wand. About 1 hour after the party goes to bed, they hear quite the commotion outside and downstairs. The voice of Iron Sam bellows through the inn, “Bellum!”
We hear a woman, sounding like Mrs. Barhold, “Sam, Sam, what are you doing here?”
“Where’s my brother, and where’s Eisenbach!?”
“What the hell, Sam, what’s the alarm?” a tired Eisenbach hollers down the hall.

The party listens and overhears something about them exercising contract option 1. The dwarves groan loudly.
Sam yells, “You guys, find my brother!”

About 5 minutes pass, we hear the dwarves heading downstairs. Xander peeks out of the bedroom door, there are tons of guards in the inn with Sam.

They leave the inn and head back toward the keep. Amadeus and Picket hop out the window and follow Sam and the Guards and Dwarves.

Sam stops and declares, “We’re being watched.”

Barhold draws his axe, his men draw bows, being ready. Picket shoots a fireball at the rear of the formation and hits, then does an Expeditious retreat. Iron Sam runs and dashes toward where the fireball comes from. The archers fire toward where the spell came from, and one hits its mark, damaging Picket. Eisenbach begins messing with something.

Amadeus casts Tasha’s hideous laughter on Iron Sam. And runs. Iron Sam is laughing his ass off. Amadeus takes a couple of arrows. The dwarves head toward the lone wizard and shoot crossbows, hitting him. Eisenbach lights the area up as bright as day. Amadeus casts fireball, killing 3 more soldiers, and runs back toward Picket. The Seasoned Soldiers of the Frontier (SSotF©) AKA Edderly’s men shoot at Amadeus, wounding him again. The dwarves hit Picket with crossbow bolts wounding him. He turns invisible, heading back toward Amadeus. Amadeus moves 25 feet toward the dwarves, casting Fireball on them, hitting them hard but not quite killing them. Iron Sam gets up from his laughing attack and attacks Amadeus, wounding him and knocking him out.

Picket heads toward town. Xander, Valak, and Pretor jump out the window and head toward the battle, but see the guards from the Keep coming and head back, and wait.

The sun is coming up on the Solstice and Picket makes it back to the inn. Once together and gathering their belongings, they head back down to the bar. Xander silences the room as Pretor, Valak, and Picket charge the room and kill Mrs. Bellum and the two guards. The inn is set on fire and they retreat down to the tunnel towards the keep.

Amadeus wakes up in a room with Havelyn and Barhold looking at him, along with Father Donagan and 4 other guards. Havelyn says, “If you mutter one word, there will be no interrogation, only your execution, which will come in due time.”

Something was discussed….maybe it was:
“You’ve never gotten head from a fire wizard murmuring a firebolt cantrip in the back of his throat.”
Noone is sure…

Around 2 in the afternoon the remaining party is rested.

Items Identified:
Wand of Fireball 8 Charges (Pretor)
Ring of Protection +1 (Valak)
Glasses of Seeing Magical Aura and Detect magic 3/LR (Action, CONC). +2 arcana check (Picket)
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Re: Session 14 - Amadeus Re-Oppressed

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