Character Creation Items

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Character Creation Items

Post by Kyle » Sat May 15, 2021 11:20 pm

House Rules for Character Creation:

1. You wont always need a driver/flyer - just know that.
2. You wont always have planned your entry/exfil correctly.
3. Magic is optional.
4. Not everyone needs to be a gun bearing Rambo.
5. Social Skills and Technical skills matter.
6. Not every meeting needs a bullet/bomb.
7. Have at least 1 Melee or Ranged weapon, even if you are low skilled with it.
8. Don't forget the Doc Wagon.
9. Don't forget your lifestyle.
10. Remember you can lose your soul if you spend to much essence. It never comes back once gone.
11. No Decker's- You can hire them.
12. Your character has basic knowledge of the History/World, but you may not reference the Instant Guide during gameplay.
13. There is a major difference between what your character would know, and what you as a player would know.
14. Have you ever considered rolling up yourselves?
15. We will play modified edge rules to come later.
16. Contacts matter.
17. Mission planning and research matters.
18. Collateral damage is real and has consequences.
19. Every company has an owner, most are subsidies of subsidies of mega corps.
20. Racism (human, elf, dwarf...) is real and will influence the game

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