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House rules

Post by Kyle » Mon Jul 12, 2021 11:35 pm

1. Melee weapons and ambidextrous quality.
To attack multiple times its 1 minor action. When using 2 meele weapons you split your dice pool in half, rounded down +2 for each weapon. You may also target 2 targets within range, declared before the first attack action.
2. Melee weapons and ambidextrous quality for full attacks.
To attack multiple times its 1 minor action. You must spend 4 edge to get Antici­­pation. You may then use full attack pool for each attack. You may also target 2 targets within range, declared before the first attack action.
3. You can only have 1 major and 5 minor actions on your characters turn.
You can gain more then that however and use the extra prior to your turn as minor reactions. Ie you start initiative with 1 major and 6 minor due to augments, you may spend 1 minor prior to your characters turn, or else it becomes only 1 major and 5 minor on your turn.
4. 4 minor actions on you character turn can be traded for a major action, or 1 major for 4 minor.
It may not be changed at initiative time. Only on the characters turn.
5. Each additional initiative die gives you a minor action at time of initiative.
Modifications may also change this. Maximum of 8 minor actions at initiative time.
6. 2 major actions and duel wield and ambidextrous.
You can use each weapon individually with no dice loss (one attack each hand). You can spend 1 minor action and attack twice with each weapon halved +2 as stated above. (4 total attacks, two each hand) You can spend 1 minor action and 7 edge to gain 4 full attacks, as referenced above.

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Re: House rules

Post by Dave » Wed Jul 14, 2021 6:07 pm

Just to be clear, well, at least as I understand the RAW- Major Action to attack, Minor Action to make the attack a multiple one.

Does this house rule limit the number of melee swings to two? On a Major A/Minor A that is. 4 on a Major/Major? The book kinda reads like you can make as many attacks as you have dice in your pool to split or two attacks against a single target. ANSWER: I WILL RESEARCH FURTHER, ASSUME 1 ATTACK IS NORMAL PER MELEE WEAPON.

1. Each weapons individual pool is split? So if I have 15 dice for my katana in my right hand and 15 for the combat knife in my left it works out to 9 (7+2) on the sword and 9 (7+2) on the knife. ANSWER: YES. This at least give ambidextrous some usefullness.

2. Anticipation is listed as needing a ranged attack to work. Do you mean for it to work with melee weapons too, and does buying anticipation also trigger its additional effect of not having to see your targets? ANSWER: IN THIS CASE REMOVE THE RANGED LIMITATION AND IF YOU ARE BLINDED OR IN THE DARK I WILL ALLOW THE NOT HAVING TO SEE.
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