Gazzle's Purchases 8/29/22

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Jack Hollingsworth
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Gazzle's Purchases 8/29/22

Post by Jack Hollingsworth » Tue Aug 30, 2022 2:57 pm

Replacement to my heavy Pistol-N¥315
A new Replacement for the MCT-N¥5000 base. Also a Horizon Flying Eye-N¥2000.

We need to rent a VTOL. Imagine though, that we buy one, e.g. Gulfstream Luxe V, and tune it to our specs.
Cost: 1.2 mil NY, plus another 70 large to make it VTOL. I'm also going to want a remote/gyrolinked belly turret N¥5K, 1.5K for rigger interface with manual override/drive by wire.
Level 2 life support N¥28000
ECM & missile defense system N¥20K.
We also will require a hatch for people to jump out of, typically aft N¥5000

Gazzle will need a VTOL/aircraft license and the consensus is to work towards level 6 IDs

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