The Rescue Plan

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The Rescue Plan

Post by Dave » Tue Oct 18, 2022 9:27 pm

Please chime in with corrections or ideas!

Goals, in this order-
1- Rescue Cul's sister Anyadee
2- Rescue as many slaves (geisha) as possible
3- Kill as many Yakuza/wreck as much shit as we can

Gear that we don't bring in will be stashed on the Enchilada.
If we die without burning through as many Action Points as we can along the way, we made a mistake...
All of our pistols are loaded with magic ammo.

Cul- Front, close combat control
Katya- Face- sticks with Cul
Slate- rear guard/support/eyes for Cul and Kat
Klade- Maintains a path from big bath house/garden area to northwest building exit (the exit to the extraction point)
Gazzlemeyer- Distraction and external (to the big building) over watch
Chrome Lore- Disrupt communication, monitor whatever internal surveillance he can find, watch the elevator

7pm- Chrome Lore enters facility, gets to a hotel room and jacks in to start his thing

730- Klade enters and tries to bring in a little extra gear beyond what is tied to his SIN (some molotovs, neuro X grenades, jammers). If he can't he puts it wherever they tell him to. Then he gets into position.

800- Gazzle arrives in a rental vehicle to the northwest parking lot. Releases the roto drone and spider drone, both equipped with satchel charges. Roto drone goes high for external surveillance, spider heads east.

830- Cul, Katya and Slate arrive at VIP. Cul will be wearing his jacket and bulletproof shirt, and will be carrying a jammer, his earbud with the Japanese translator, both katanas and the pistol that matches his SIN. If his armor needs to be left behind, so be it. He will also be carrying a Happy Ending token. Kat carries a katana and pistol, Slate carries a pistol.

CKS heads to the big bath house and go to the big bar in the NW side of the 2nd floor. We are prepared for Lance-O to be there, and we will see what happens. We have a drink in the effort to establish ourselves. Kat does the majority of the talking.

900- C+K head to dinner. Leisurely dinner, very social and friendly. Slate is close by.

Around 10 or so- Finish dinner. Cul says he wishes to thank the chef in person and alone. The idea is to make the initial contact with his sister in private (in the kitchen preferably) so she can't give anything away. Once contact is made, the idea is to keep her as close to Cul as possible until we extract.

After contact is made- Kat states that "the boss" (Cul) would like to fully experience the fabled Cherry Blossom Clan's hospitality. Something like "Please gather all of the ladies of the house in the garden so he may survey and have his pick of the ones that please him." Or whatever. The idea is Cul is a sexual tyrannosaurus rex. Display a happy ending token if needed/for flavor.

We vie to get the "geisha review" in the garden between the bath houses.

Around 1030, or maybe earlier if we can maintain comms with Gazzle. We were able to keep it with Cul during the initial recon...- The spider drone goes and blows a hole in the SE corner of the outside building. Pandemonium ensues? Using a wide area blast. Notes say 150 ft radius on that.

Everyone in the garden begins moving to the exit.

Roto drone enters breached wall and takes position on the south side of the big bath house.

Get out of the building through the NW exit. Gazzle moves to rendezvous to leave with the rest of us. Flies rotodrone into large bathhouse blowing it up.

Extract with Elves to their territory.

Burning questions that needs an answer before we start-

How does Chrome Lore get out? Does he start heading towards the exit just before the first bomb goes off then head towards Oregon to be picked up by elves there?

Are the satchel charges equipped with some kind of timer or remote detonator? If not, can we put something together with what we got? If not, Gazzle will have to handle that somehow.
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Re: The Rescue Plan

Post by rgl2112 » Tue Oct 25, 2022 1:57 pm

I would like to add and clarify the rest of the lost Comms contingencies:

10:30 unless notified earlier, Big blast in SE Corner
10:35 Spider Drone into bathhouse. These are on timer only IF comms are lost. Otherwise, CKS are making the call on timing with Codephrases: Wonton1 and Wonton2
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Re: The Rescue Plan

Post by Dave » Tue Oct 25, 2022 6:33 pm

Pretty sure the spider drone is blowing up the outside shell building, and the roto is targeting the large bathhouse inside.

The spider moves pretty slow compared to the roto. If guards get to the breach quickly they will certainly be able to stop the spider on the ground, where the roto will be able to fly through at something like 120+ on a double move.
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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Re: The Rescue Plan

Post by Jack Hollingsworth » Tue Oct 25, 2022 7:22 pm

I also want to add that I want the Quadrotor minidrone to accompany the RotoDrone and go first . It is also important to note that Gazzle would like to add to the drones carrying the charges the ability to activate them remotely, as well as being able to drop them afterwards. Only the Aztechnology Crawler and the MCT Rotodrone will be carrying them, of course

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