Episode 83 - The Crowing of Amadeus and the Crowning of Jalus

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Episode 83 - The Crowing of Amadeus and the Crowning of Jalus

Post by rgl2112 » Tue Oct 15, 2019 4:27 pm

The party meets Gurmadden for breakfast. He wishes us to go talk to Ankala, Amadeus wishes us all to go, however Gurmadden recommends that only the two Deep Gnomes visit her.

Picket and Amadeus go with Gurmadden to talk to Ankala. Briddick is there with her as well. Gurmadden stays outside and gestures for them to go on in.

She says she'll get right to the point:

<Insert Ankala narrative>

Amadeus rejects her initial offer replying with the Message spell "The world will burn". She laughs and says there is good in our hearts, as forsaken as they are. Amadeus offers a trade of value for the crown, Ankala says she doesn't have much to give, but perhaps a service.

She does offer some free advice, if you put the crown on your head, you'll never take it off.

Germadden offers separately that someone is looking for us, Amadeus in particular.Lianna has found friends, and she is looking for us with a group called the Walkers. (A worldwide assassin's guild)

Picket stays behind to talk to Ankala about other matters.

Xander Divines from Karamaka that Ankala knows much. We decide on this info to head back to her as group to work out a deal. We trade the crown for information on Lianna, the Zompeii Heretics, and an unspecified boon to be named later.

(Gorsach info: cityu of the dead deep in the underdark. Led by Akasha who wants to be a goddess herself. Karamak is an affront according to her. The high priestess is Exene Crvenko. Count Toastpants is her enforcer. There is a hunk of Crystal in our bag, Gorsach's gift...Xander now has it to study)

The forsaken will present the crown to the council.

The forsaken head to the Flawed Ruby to meet the council, Amadeus pulls out the crown and formally hands it to the council amidst much rejoicing. Yay.

Blanton's Break

Cargian wants to wear the crown himself, but many names are brought forward. Privatre Ron Jon Smith. Jalus, and many others. Much to Cargian's chagrin, Jalus is named to be the Chosen One by the council. "The Forsaken toast the annoited one, to the lost lands and fallen sands, may they forever bask in the hues of Ruby!"

Jalus has a grave look of concern, and Cargian is not happy. Pingtu shows up and the crowd parts as he approaches. "Has the council chosen?" he asks.
Cargian replies, "Yes, we have chosen Jalus."
"Do you agree?"

He picks up the crown and walks out. The crowd begins to disperse. Germadden says the ritual will be in the morning, it's time to party and drink. He sings songs about Old King Theolloneus and his travels to be free from the bullshit. The party eventually winds down and morning comes.

The crowd heads to Pingtu's hut. As they let the forsaken enter the tent, the Stones are singing. Ankala is wearing an amulet that Amadeus recognizes as a symbol of a snerfneblin heart (of the people).

Ankala enters the circle of stones. l Jalus enters the tent wearing only a robe. She drops the robe as she approches the circle, freeing her wonderful milfy bosom. (for a gnome) She's looking rather gnilfy indeed.

The ceremony begins and she is annoited. The brightness hurts the non-gnomish eyes, but they can still see the crown as it's placed on her head and the glare peaks.

One of the clerics on hand replaces her robe and begins to chant, "Long live the Grim Queen Jalus!" She looks out onto the crowd and says in a booming voice, "Prepare!"

Gnomes from other areas of the underdark start to show up and give homage to the queen of the deep gnomes.

As the parties begin to wind down, there is Sending from Tim to Valek:

There seems to be a large angry mob of Elves outside the Horn.
By Karamaka's Will

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