Episode Recap-The Return to Chronicles

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Episode Recap-The Return to Chronicles

Post by jbvholli » Tue May 05, 2020 6:26 pm

After a visit to Everett, the Forsaken get a message to come back to talk to Illyana. They enter their hideout to find Xander's lieutenant Garavel across the table from the teenage knife artist. She proceeds to piss off Amadeus something awful, continuing telling each character in turn about their misspent lives. After things end up the way they always do, she activates a wave of glyphs which cave in the dilapidated inn being used as a hideout. The stories turned out to be being told by some kind of projection, which became apparent after Pretor shot it with old faithful.

The characters fly out of there and go to a warehouse owned by Lady Marsden. They are promptly visited by the Lady's daughter Jenny, who, after a brief pissing contest, tersely allows an overnight stay for the PCs.

The next day has a visit from Lady Marsden, and rather than removing the gang from the city, the Forsaken secure a new base (a mediocre public house) after a onetime payment of 10000 gp. What a bargain!

Rather than cutting their losses, the group creates a false consensus that possibly Ilyana could be bargained with, so they arrange a new meeting at the new base, using Lady Marsden's contact with the Walkers. Ilyana shows up with a halfling handler who calls himself Robert.

Offers are made, but really all that they resolve is to continue the vendetta. Ilyana is considered to be acting on her own, but while still a Walker; this is her joint. The two of them were sent away somewhat unceremoniously.

The Nessian Chord then returned to the Horn to housekeeping and divination. A few things that were salient:

Walkers can occasionally see/scry into the Horn for an indeterminate interval.
Hammerhall will be attacking, as it happens just short of our reinforcement day, according to Durok.

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