The Gorgomire Takes a Dusting

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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The Gorgomire Takes a Dusting

Post by Jonathan » Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:37 pm

Hallow is prepared up in the Sanctum. Xander starts preparing it as Amadeus gives him the warning that an attack is imminent with 72 hours. Fiends and demons are exempt.
Even passes and morning follows.

We tell Ready Rock about the impending attack.
We use endless divination spells to determine everything that is not attacking us except possible the Sanhedrin, though it will probably be some other plan in the future. It is not the dark elves, the elves of the Silver wood, and so on.

A heavy dragon sized creature lands outside the Sanctum balcony. Xander sends a message to Amadeus letting him know. Amadeus wakes up Pickett and Pretor just as alarm horns start to sound throughout the horn. Amadeus sends back that they will stay and monitor the map until needed up in the Sanctum.
An Orc runner arrives at the stairs of the Sanctum with a request from Ready Rock to take care of the Chimera that is flying around.
The group in the Sanctum make their way down and Pretor and Pickett dim door to room 3-9 on the third floor. Amadeus stays to keep watch at the map.

They engage the monster and take some wounds. It launches itself through the fire column in the center of the room and seems to get a bit of a glow up from it, besides being on fire and now causing fire damage. It smacks Valak hard and forces him back.

A couple rounds pass, and Amadeus joins the battle with a timely and powerful disintegrate that sends the Gorgomire into a pile of dust.

The second day after a commune lets us know that an attack is going to occur within 72 hours.

We can little useful information otherwise through our divination spells.

In the Sanctum, during the dusk ritual, a horrific ear-splitting scream rings out. A hand comes out and digs into the metal. "Ventracali is close at hand". An earthquake shakes the horn and trashes it.

The Orcs say that they are only here to kill elves. We retreat to the Sanctum to discuss it. Amadeus is vehement that the Orcs lives are forfeit if they abandon us. Either before the ritual or after. The others vote to allow them to to run off.

Valak tells Ready Rock the decision and Ready Rock responds "We will be gone within the hour. We will make sure to burn every settlement and village along the way." They blow their horns and ride off to the sunset.

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