Episode ##-Fix er up and Orcs go out to play

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Episode ##-Fix er up and Orcs go out to play

Post by Kyle » Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:32 pm

We start by repairing parts of the horn. 3-1 gets the bulk of the focus.
The orcs decide to go out raiding as previously discussed.

While in the Sanctum the green glowing shield drops and in flies a Harpy Man thing. Brastius the Avoral.
We fight him over the course of a few seconds, and he takes the final killing blow disappearing in a silvery blue flash.

Shortly thereafter the party tests its divination skills. The next attack is soon.

Jack wants to bring the frog people to the Sanctum and is informed by Pickett that if he does they will be slain. So the frogs move into 3-3.

Pickett is watching the map when during his watch he sees the mudmen acting strangely, and eventually they form into an elemental. He watches them for awhile, he clears most of the bottom floor, then Pickettt sounds the alarm.

After a battle that finds the Cleric trapped in a pile of mud, we eventually slay the mud elemental.

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