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Episode 77 Kobolds? More like Ko-bitches.

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:54 pm
by Jonathan
We adventure in search of the white ruby and approach the kobold caverns the entrance to the Glittergold mine. We come up on a group of them japing and jeering at us. They’re quickly handled.
Xander ventures ahead to check for traps at the sally port but finds nothing.
We venture in with our cleric/thief leading the way.
As we enter the mine we have a number of choices to proceed including the main track. Some of us see the dangerous, glimmering red eyes of dozens of kobolds scattered upon the high rocks opposing us.
They launch some poop pots at us which hopefully gives us the limit of their range.
We easily handle the first couple groups in the main cavern with a mix of magic and brawn.
We start moving left and check out the first door in that direction. There is a trap there. Xander handily disarms the trap.
The kobolds explode out of the side cavern and attack Amadeus and spilling blood.
We move into the left side cavern hallway and find a room with another hopper, turnstile, and some sort of dust cleaner connecting to the wall.
The kobolds attack again in the chamber after being electrified and the sheet metal connecting the hopper to the wall being destroyed.
Kobolds roll the hopper over onto us and we narrowly avoid being crushed.
We pass back through the main cavern and end u going to the right most entrance from the main chamber.
As we approach the last door a blast of sneezing and choking pours forth. Karamaka blesses us and we pass through it unscathed.
The room appears to be the mine managers office.
It leads to an abandoned healers place at the next room. There is a shaft that leads down from there.
We work on a way to descend the shaft. Planning on featherfall we test out the mechanism to bring the lift back up.
Eventually we just leap off the edge hoping, fruitlessly, to surprise the kobolds.
We land on the platform about 40 feet from the mid-level entrance above us. This seems dangerous.
The pots start to slap down on us and Amadeus throw up a wall off force. They know that they have many levels to go yet to reach the bottom of the shaft and have ten minutes to figure out a game plan to get there.