Leadership Score

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Leadership Score

Post by DalamarD » Sat Oct 10, 2020 12:01 pm


I wanted to designate a place to keep track of leadership scores for Valak and Xander. It requires some input from you, and can potentially change as game events develop. So I'll list out the criteria and if I think they apply. Please correct anything you disagree with. Reference feat is https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Leadership.

Leader's Reputation

Great Renown (+2) - I would say yes. The Forsaken are pretty well known at this point in evil circles.

Fairness and Generosity (+1) - Eh, could go either way. I think we generally treat our followers well, but we are evil. We do try to keep them equipped with good gear. What do you think Dave?

Special Power (+1) - I think this is a yes. We have special items gifted from Karamaka and routinely commune with both our goddess and other powerful evil figures.

Failure (-1) - I don't think we have failed at anything major, certainly not recently. We pulled off the ritual and have been lauded by our master.

Aloofness (-1) - Maybe? I don't think so, but I could see it for Valak. Xander seems pretty in-touch with his guys.

Cruelty (-1) - I don't think so overall. Certainly not for Xander. For Valak, I could see maybe when he crucified his defiant minion. But that was awhile ago, and he certainly wasn't doing it to be cruel. It was simply a matter of discipline. Plus all those guys are dead anyway, so...nobody should be around who knows about it at this point.

The Leader

Has a Familiar, Special Mount, or Animal Companion (-2) - Yes for Valak (he's gonna get Carnatherius back as soon as he can. No for Xander.

Recruits a cohort of a different alignment (-1) - No for Valak, assuming no for Xander

Caused the Death of a Cohort (-2) - No

Has a stronghold, base of operations, guildhouse, or the like (+2) - Not anymore

Moves around a lot (-1) - This one is debatable. I could see it either way. We hadn't moved around much until recently. But our current quest might keep us on the move for awhile.

Caused the death of other followers (-1) - I mean, who can say who "caused" the death of followers? I'm sure it's happened at some point over the campaign. Not sure how to assign this one.

Leadership Scores

Valak - 13 (level) + 6 (cha mod w/ circlet) + 1 (leadership modifier) = 20

Level 1 = 50 (30 Fighters, 10 Barbarians, 10 Rangers)
Level 2 = 5 (3 Fighters, 1 Barbarian, 1 Ranger)
Level 3 = 3 (1 Fighter, 1 Ranger, 1 Warlock)
Level 4 = 2 (1 Barbarian, 1 Cleric)
Level 5 = 1 (Lusten, Captain, Fighter)

Xander - 13 (level) + -1 (cha mod) + 4 (leadership modifier) = 16

Level 1 = 25
Level 2 = 2
Level 3 = 1
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Re: Leadership Score

Post by Dave » Mon Oct 12, 2020 8:05 pm

Here’s what I got, all open to discussion-

Great renown for sure. Y’all totally have a reputation.

Fairness and generosity- I dunno. You crucified your captain because he had a concern that turned out to be legitimate. Doesn’t sound fair. Granted, he wasn’t proven right til later, but even the orcs knew they couldn’t be trusted. On the other hand you guys have been hooking your crews up with magic gear and coin. Maybe a wash for Valak, but points for Xander.

Special power? Yeah, you guys are special alright.

No failures.

Aloofness- I got a different take on that. According to the old monthlies Valak spent a couple of months “building renown” whatever that means, and one training his guys. Xander on the other hand spent month after month working on other projects. I see Xander as the aloof one by a long jimmy, with no penalty for Valak’s calculation. Sure there may have been daily interactions that were never played out, but you specifically said that you were spending your down time with your crew, Russ did not.

Cruelty- you crucified your captain in front of everyone for doing his job. Sounds like cruelty to me. And dont forget about the guys from your crew that went to Everett. I think a couple of them got wasted when Illyana rolled up on them, but they mostly all survived.

Familiar, Mount, AC- Yeah, I can see that.

Recruiting and causing death- technically you guys did cause Tim to die, but he got better so its cool! No penalty!

I think the Stronghold/Base thing would still qualify. You guys aren’t 2 weeks out of the Horn and you got a new place kinda. Now after you guys have been campaigning in the Vale for a couple of weeks we may have to revisit this.

I dont think the moving around bit hits you guys just yet, but it will when the stronghold/base mod drops. Its gotta be one or the other I think.

Caused the death of followers- for sure. Valak crucified his captain, and Illyana made sure that Garavel and Co knew that the Forsaken dragging their feet concerning her led to the deaths and disappearances of some of the crew. She talked an awful lot of shit, and she is very persuasive.

My tally on the modifiers: Valak +1, Xander +4

We can discuss.
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Re: Leadership Score

Post by rgl2112 » Mon Oct 25, 2021 2:11 pm

Xander updated Leadership score:

15 CL
-1 CHA bonus
+4 Bonuses from above

Leadership Score Total: 18

35 (lvl1) 3 (lvl2) 1 (lvl3) 1 (lvl4) Followers

Cohort lvl 12 - Garavelle
By Karamaka's Will

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Re: Leadership Score

Post by DalamarD » Wed Mar 09, 2022 10:39 am

Gonna update this for Level 16 Based on our discussion with Dave this week.

Base Leadership = Level + Cha Modifier
Great Renown + 2
Fairness and Generosity +1
Special Power + 1
Has a Stronghold + 2
Caused the Death of other Followers - 1

Valak - Leadership Score: 27


Level 1 - 135 (45 fighters, 45 barb, 45 rangers)
Level 2 - 13 (4 fighters, 4 barb, 4 ranger, 1 monk )
Level 3 - 7 (2 fighter, 2 barb, 2 ranger, 1 warlock)
Level 4 - 4 (1 druid, 1 barb, 1 fighter, 1 rogue)
Level 5 - 2 - (1 wizard, 1 cleric)
Level 6 - 2 (Ranger - Wormwood, Rogue - Rorick the Red)

Xander - Leadership Score: 20


Level 1 - 50
Level 2 - 5
Level 3 - 3
Level 4 - 2
Level 5 - 1

Evil Organization

Ruthless - 7
Secrecy - 2
Survivability - 7
Connections - 3
Espionage - 1
Loyalty - 4

Weekly Actions

Valak - 7
Xander - 3
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Re: Leadership Score

Post by Dave » Tue Mar 15, 2022 9:19 pm


kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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