The Sack of Manassas

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The Sack of Manassas

Post by Dave » Mon Nov 21, 2022 7:59 pm

The once great city of Manassas is in ruins. Huge sections of the city have been put to the torch. A recent rain has put out most of the fires, but the smoke lingers in the air. That smoke is mixed with the stench of death. Buildings everywhere have been reduced to rubble by who knows what.

Piles of heads are scattered here and there. The bodies of soldiers still in their armor impaled on giant wooden stakes are a common sight. Flocks of crows feast on the dead. Occasionally there is the sight of bugbears brutalizing some luckless survivor here and there.

It’s a casual kind of horror. An army of Evil has descended on this town and it shows. The city has been under control of the Horde of the Fireaxe for about 48 hours. The crows feast...

This is the result of your work in Sagentown just over a year ago. Drink it in. :twisted:

The squares are mostly empty of the living and are quiet. Stores and taverns have been ransacked, glass shattered and doors smashed.

Two notable exceptions:

The local Goya's is a white box on the inside, and all of the signage is gone. The only thing left are signs that say "No Trespassing, Property of Goya's of Deeploch, Inc."

The local Royal Digs is intact and is being protected by a mercenary squad made of Armadon troopers who are supported by Children mages. The only challenge against them was on the first night when a squad of Fire giants found out. The rest of the horde has given this place a wide berth since then.
The Horde is well fed and are feeling pretty good. They savor this victory, but know the hardest fighting is yet to come. They are mostly resting in preparation. But they got to get their jollies on. They are having fun being Evil. Try it out! They tend to be fueled by booze and speedy drugs so there's that.

Outside of the camps it is pretty quiet. There are few survivors left. Manassas was a bustling trade center before the horde arrived. While some survivors are just trying to get out, others may be motivated to stay for whatever reason seems important enough to them. Hide and Seek.

The Forsaken can build rep by making a display of being the MFing Forsaken. The horde will eat it up. They remember Everard. They have heard the stories from the survivors of the invasion of the Vale. You guys are their heroes.

The Forsaken and their minions are all showing their colors. The hoard knows who you are and won't cross you. Mistakes could still happen.
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Re: The Sack of Manassas

Post by Dave » Fri Nov 25, 2022 8:36 pm

How This Works, I Think

You can start with picking things from Tim's list, while sending your minions out to see what's up.

"Finder, Keepers" rules apply, and will be respected.

Free rumors every week that you are in town!

Here's a couple to get started:
“There is a jewelry shop in Goldenhall that has an invisible vault. The owner was just about to tell us how to find it when some bozo cut his throat.”

“Looks like there are a few big manor houses out in Angleton that are still intact. The nobles that lived in them had plenty of time to evacuate, but they couldn’t have taken everything. Should be easy pickings.”

Each session that the Forsaken and the horde are in town you can get one more rumor for free. You just have to remember to ask for it. Only one per session.

Some rumors are bullshit, some might actually pan out...

Things to do-
I am basing the stuff below on the idea that Tim and Garavel will be functioning as they did in the Vale. Tim is overseeing the entire operation. Garavel is directly involved in the field. If you guys want to change this up, let me know.

Tim has talked with Sakkarak’s Captains and has gotten a rough idea of what is going on. The morning after arriving, he briefs the Forsaken about the following-

The Sable Tower- the crown jewels are believed to be inside. Thoroughly trapped. Hard pass from the horde . They aren’t equipped for it.

Ballentyn Fencing School- the fencing master and what students he has left have made short work of anyone in the horde who have approached them. Easier pickings elsewhere keeps most of the hoard away.

Tower of Polydorus- Polydorus was the most powerful mage in the city, and may still be in his tower. A few ogres and trolls tried to roll up on it, and were blasted for their trouble. Another hard pass from the horde.

2nd Worst Prison in the Land- the prison warden and his guard are defending the walls of the prison. No matter. No one in the horde sees any value in hitting this place.

XX Cathedral of Avenar Beneficent- no one wants to go near this place. Bad ju-ju. Or is it good ju-ju? It stands intact. - Desecrated and stonewalled the crypt XX

Tim will let you know as soon as he learns about anything new.

Garavel can be assigned to any task. The bonus he applies depends on the task.

Gather info checks could result in learning about all kinds of other stuff going down in town. Maybe a new ally or maybe an old nemesis. Maybe something else. One way to find out!

Minions can have a ball here-

Pick a district and an activity and we’ll go from there.

Looting- criminal enterprise check, loot scored depends on what district you put your guys in and how well you roll.
Gather Information- learn additional rumors, check veracity of rumors, try to find something or someone, reconnoiter.
Something else? You tell me!

Minion activity can trigger additional events depending on what part of town that they are operating in.
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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Re: The Sack of Manassas

Post by DalamarD » Tue Nov 29, 2022 7:31 pm

Valak's Minions - Searching for the Booze in the following districts:

1 - Angleton a
2 - Bandelthyn g
3 - Duward g
4 - Haverston a
5 - Mardleston n
6 - Seaward e
7- Smallward g

Xander's Minions - Gathering Information in the following districts:

1 - Angleton
2 - Seaward
3 - Smallward

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Re: The Sack of Manassas

Post by DalamarD » Tue Jan 17, 2023 8:14 pm

New Weekly Actions

Valak's Minions - Searching for loot in the following districts:

1 - Bandlethyn
2 - Gattleton
3 - Goldenhall
4 - Haverston
5 - Tythers
6 - Smallward
7 - Argentyle

Xander's Minions - Searching for loot in the following districts:

1 - Glassboro
2 - Smallward
3 - Haverston

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