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Henkala Talks

Post by Dave » Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:31 pm

Your desire to become the Anointed One is only a distraction. You know that is all it is. Pursuing this goal will only bring you ruin. Your descent will cause many to be hurt or killed, or worse. Including you and your companions. All of which can be easily avoided. The Grim Crown is nothing but a passing fancy for you at best. Will you please surrender it back to the Kin, and make no claim on it? If you want me to beg you to do this, I will. But there are things that you have not considered.

What of the promise you made to serve your queen? She considers all to be hers already, so there is no need to make a claim in her place even if that was in your authority to do so. I think she has very little care for the fate of the svirneblin as a race, much less this old, fading colony. Besides, her interests have been somewhere far beyond Arre for a while now. For the glory of Karamaka this venture is not.

No. Your real master sits on the Black Council. What do you imagine will go through his head when he finds out that you and your companions have distracted yourselves from your mission by helping us ‘poor, doomed, foolish deep gnomes?’ You must already know that he has been spying on you and your companions. You did know that, didn’t you? That he spies on you and your companions constantly? Don’t worry, he can’t see you in this cavern. But be assured, that he has seen you in many places throughout your travels. What does he think about all of this, and what will he do should it escalate? Perhaps you should consult with him. I wouldn’t think that he would be one to tolerate failure or insubordination from his servants. Once the Kin are called to the Crown, the Anointed One will be very busy. And once you begin to follow old king Theolonius’ path, you will find yourself very far from here. Far away from your duties to Baron Xot, and the Black Council. I can’t imagine that they will suffer your distractions for long.

However, I can imagine what the Kin will do if their anointed leader neglects or turns against them. Do you think the Kin will sit idly by, while you go off to do your Master’s bidding somewhere else? No. That is very unlikely to happen. The Grim Crown will not allow it to happen. Now that you didn’t know, did you? Don’t feel bad, I doubt that buffoon Kargian realizes this either. The Anointed One becomes bound to the Crown, and the Crown is bound to the Kin. The Crown has a purpose entirely of its own. And that purpose is driven by the will of the Kin to survive. Do you really believe that your will alone is stronger than that of the host of Grome’s Kin? Your quaint ring will fail to protect you. The voices in your ears will fall silent. And then the Crown’s will be done.

I doubt that Xot will accept losing such an important servant as yourself without some kind of response. A response that you will no doubt experience directly. Because while the ‘Queen of the Dead and the Undead’ might not give a divine shit about us, there has yet to be an entity of any kind on the Black Council that would abide losing one that they have claimed for themselves. They will not forgive you, and your companions will be punished for allowing you to fail.

You say that the Kin are weak. You say that we are a doomed people. Not every race can be the strongest, or the wealthiest, or the bravest. But every race is gifted in a way that is unique to them, and that sets them apart from all others. Grome’s Kin are gifted with the Heart of Resilience. We will survive. We will survive the Drow. We will survive the Illithid. We will survive the Orcs. We will survive you.

So please Amadeus Iyokus of Bigcockenbach, I beg of you, my soul cries out to you, please return the Grim Crown to the Kin, and make no claim on it! Otherwise you will continue to suffer at the hands of your surface born masters, they who have taken away your ability to choose for yourself for all this time.
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