Critter Count and Dispersion

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Critter Count and Dispersion

Post by Dave » Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:56 pm

You guys have quite the collection of minions/etc. at your disposal. I had no idea until finished typing this up. The poor souls coming have no idea what they are in for… :o

At the start of the encounter

Anacondas- treat as Giant Constrictor Snakes- 2 in C1
Assassin Vines- on the wall in C1
Bullywugs- 2 at C1a, 2 in C4, the rest in and around C19
Carnatheria Rex- random location in lower caverns
Cinnamon- 3-9 on guard duty
Durrock- if Tim is on level 1, Durrock is with him, otherwise he is in the tavern 1-10
Ezra Thrice Damned- 3-9
Giant Toads- 2 in C14
Grimnok- Sanctum- guard duty
Guards- yeah, these fucking guys… 5 in 2-4, 1 in the Sanctum yelling information from Tim or Grimnok, 4 about 60ft or so down the spiral stairs to act as runners
Hell Hound- 3-10
Hexor/Vexor- 1 is on a random floor in a random location, the other is in 3-13. If the invaders somehow find their way to 3-13, both will be there if possible.
Mudmen- C8- in the boiling mud pool- note C Rex and the skells don’t go into this room.
Ogres- 2 in C12, 1 with orcs in swamp hunting*, 1 just outside the Horn gathering stones
Orcs- 6 in swamp hunting*, 8 just outside the Horn gathering stones, 3 in 1-28 entertaining the elves, 4 in tavern 1-10, 3 in 1-20 sleeping
Skeletons- 5 random location in lower caverns, 5 in random location on level 1, 5 in random location on level 2
Shadows- 4 in 3-10
Tim- random floor, random location. If in the Sanctum, he is either using the Eye of Vigilance to look around the Horn, or on the balcony looking out over the land. You decide!
Valek’s Men- 2 in random location on level 1, 2 in random location on level 2, 2 in random location on level 3, 3 in their bunks in 2-14, 2 in the tavern 1-10
Wraiths- 6 in 3-9, 6 in 3-5
Zikomo and his 2 mates- C23- his hut

*The orcs and ogres hunting in the swamp will hear any alarm horn sounded outside the Horn. They will return in 1d6 minutes.

Don’t forget that Tim and Grim can both use the Eye of Vigilance. Tim also knows how the use the map in the Hall of Murals (2-21). Tim has set up an alarm horn protocol to alert those in the Horn of Abaddon to intruders, and what floor they may be on (3 short blasts, then 1 long blast per level they are on). Valek’s men, the human guards, and the orcs have also been instructed to sound the alarm wherever they may engage an intruder. All orcs and Valek’s men who are not already assigned a guard station or patrol are to respond as soon as the are combat ready (armed and armored). Those on patrol are to head to the closest entrance to the level they are on, and take up defensive positions. Bullywugs will send 6 more guards to both of their guard posts in the cavern level. Tim runs a tight ship. They will respond as fast as they possibly can.

2 of the explosive runes in the entrance have been discharged.
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