Banner Verdant XP and Loot

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Banner Verdant XP and Loot

Post by Dave » Fri Nov 15, 2019 9:39 pm

1100 combat xp for wiping out the BV
1000 story xp for uncovering the betrayal of the White Ravens
400 story xp for your minions successfully repulsing the BV’s first assault

2500 xp each

Great Axe +2
Spear +1- when thrown: Auto return, +2d6 sonic (dex DC 12 for 1/2)- attuned
+1 longbow

Bracers of Defense- attuned
Leather +1
Studded Leather +1- +1 saves, proficiency & expertise in Stealth, attuned
Ring of Protection +2- acts as arcane focus- attuned

6x Cure 5 pots
10x Cure 3 pots
2x Neutralize Poison pots
Raise Dead rubber
Scroll- Greater Restoration
2x Scroll- Dispel Magic 5th level
3x Arrow +2
28x Arrow +1

Bag of Holding with nice array of high quality adventuring gear, incl rations

Spell book
1- Magic Missle, Charm Person, Tasha’s Hideous, Mage Armor, Identify, Comp Languages, Detect Magic, Tenser’s Disc, Longstrider, Unseen Servant, Protection from Evil and Good, Sleep
2- Knock, Hold Person, Crown of Madness, Alter Self, Gust of Wind, Invisibility, Locate Object, Melf’s Acid Arrow, See Invisibility, Misty Step, Zone of Truth
3- Dispel Magic, Counterspell, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Fly, Clairvoyance, Leomund’s Tiny Hut, Magic Circle, Nondetection, Remove Curse, Sending, Tounges
4- Greater Invisibility, Dimension Door, Confusion, Locate Creature, Fabricate, Stone Shape
5- Wall of Force, Dominate Person, Contact Other Plane, Legend Lore, Dream, Scrying

Fineas’s Diary- In addition to the little nugget about the White Ravens, there is all kinds of stuff in here. There are references to the Wardens throughout. It will cost a month of downtime reading to score a check for something more than that.
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