Loading Up the Horn

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Loading Up the Horn

Post by Dave » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:21 pm

Per postgame discussion. This will be a topic next game. Feel free to check my math.

Loading up the Horn

Here is some stuff to consider. All numbers based on the current Horn of Abaddon thread.

Durrock was tasked to fill the Horn with orcs/etc.

113 orcs will fill up all currently available bunks in the Horn on level 1+2 except for bunks in the rooms designated for Valek’s men and where the barmaids are housed.

8 ogres will fill the lower caverns

Durrock will be adding 30 orcs and 3 ogres, bringing the total population up to those numbers.

More rooms can be allocated and/or bunk sharing can increase the orcs to 200, but could cause discipline issues and will increase food costs. Durrock is certain even more orcs can be added if the Forsaken desire it.

Widening some tunnels in the caverns can increase ogre living space to a total of 14 without displacing bullywugs. Even more can be added if the bullywugs are moved, or additional caverns access tunnels are made.

Current food consumption-

Based on the 113 orc + 8 ogre count that will go live at the start of the next month, plus the current residents of the Horn as most recent updated HoA thread.

Bullywugs feed themselves+critters of the caverns, can be tasked to increase food production. On a successful monthly task check (DC 12) they can save 10% of food costs for the whole Horn.

Orcs consume 3lb food/day
Ogres consume 10lb food/day

All below except for the Hell Hound and Nightmare eat the same 1lb/day the PH says characters eat.

Valak’s Men=17
2 pregnant elves=2
Hell Hound=4
Nightmare= none per 2eMM

Total food consumption/day not including Forsaken= 483lb/day

14,500lb food/month -slight round up for cleaner math
75% meat/25% non meat
10,900lb meat/3600lb non meat

1 cow (Underdark equivalent) @10gp (PH, not including butcher rates, packaging, etc)= 450lb dressed With markup 12gp/cow processed and packaged

1lb non meat (includes flour, cheese, salt and other basic spices, veggies, etc)= 5cp (kinda based on PH)

Alcohol- 149 drinkers (does not include mercenary ogres, slaves, prisoners, Forsaken and Grim) @3 drinks/day (12oz/drink for math) 447 drinks/day (round up to 450 for easy math) 13500 drinks/month

Per PH gallon of ale=2sp. Barrel=40 gallons
1 barrel of ale= 8gp (includes bulk discount)
Approximately 426 12oz drinks/barrel
32 (rounded up for spillage/waste) barrels of ale/month@8gp/barrel=254gp/month

Includes mark up but not shipping 387gp meat + 180gp non meat=567gp/month


5 cooks@2gp/day each (PH skilled labor rates)=300gp/month
2 barmaids@2sp/day (assuming you consider barmaids to be unskilled you elitist PoS)=12gp/month
Bartender+2 carpenters+blacksmith @2gp/day each (PH skilled labor)=240gp/month
9 regular guards@2gp/day each=540gp/month
Hired help=1092gp/month

113 orcs@15sp/day each (actually a discount from the PH rates for a mercenary which would be the 2gp/day skilled labor rates. Hey, Durrock likes you guys.)=5085gp/month
8 ogres@2gp/day (again at a discount)=480gp/month
Mercenaries= 5565gp/month

Total supplies and wages

Supplies (just food and alcohol)
566gp/month in food stuff as above
254gp/month in ale/beer as above
100gp/month in other supplies (including coal for forges, other stuff besides iron for weapon/armor making and repairing, etc)

Shipping@200gp/month (approx 20% of value of goods shipped)

***Total cost of hirelings, mercenaries and supplies=7,777gp/month***

Additional forces

If orcs increased to 200 and ogres to 14 (caverns will have to be modified to accommodate), then add
4275gp/month in mercenary pay
313gp/month food 9630lb/month 7223 meat (193gp) 2407 nonmeat (120gp)
200gp/month for 25 (rounded up) barrels of ale/beer
40gp/month in other supplies

110gp/month increased shipping costs

Total additional costs=4938gp/month

Other notes

Rations per PH not suitable for orcs, ogres, hell hounds, and slaves

60 (not including the Forsaken) that could eat a regular meal (modest in PH) 3 times a day = 540sp=54gp/day in meals= 1620gp/month

There is no wild game available on the forest side of the Maw. The elves and their allies have seen to that.

20 orcs dedicated to foraging/hunting in swamp every day will offset food cost by 25% for the first month, then 10%/month after as local resources diminish
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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Re: Loading Up the Horn

Post by Dave » Mon Feb 17, 2020 7:27 pm

The order was given to Durrock to load the Horn with 200 orcs, and 14 ogres.

His shaman cast a Sending, and they will arrive with the other reinforcements at the start of the next month.

It was also decided to double the amount of alcohol per month.
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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