New Payroll, Etc.

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New Payroll, Etc.

Post by Dave » Sat May 16, 2020 9:45 am

New Mercenary Stuff

New wages-
If Durrock dies, his replacement will be his brother Readyrock. Durrock likes(liked) you guys, he’s lowering (he lowered) the rates.

200 orcs
48 shaman- at least lev 5 clerics
28- ogres
100- dire wolves

200 orcs@1gp/day each (was 15sp, book says 2gp/day skilled labor rates, so that’s half book. Look, way below book costs!)= 6,000gp/month

28 ogres@ 15sp/day (down from 2gp/day which was a discount from book. No shit!)= 1,260gp/month

48 shaman types, mostly 5th level, a handful of 7th levs, and a 9th@ 5gp/day (kinda hard to really figure it. Book prices are really more of a per spell thing and says stuff like 10-50gp per 1st or 2nd level spell, with quests and shit for higher level spells. Besides, the least of these guys is throwing 3rd level spells. This is a deal. You know it is. Of course, if you prefer they can itemize the bill, and charge per spell. Up to you guys.)= 7,200gp/month

Dire wolves@ 15sp/day (pulled out of my ass for sure. Orcs are CR 1/2, these guys are 1. You guys know for a fact fuckers have been sneaking in the Horn and spying on you. Duskryn is still out there, and you know they can be a bunch of sneaky fuckers. Dire wolves get advantage on hearing and smell perception checks. Even though sneaky fucks tend to be quiet and hard to see, they always smell like the little sneaky fucks they are. This is a deal and you know it. And some of them are reasonably house trained too. Price reflects the Handler Bundle Deal)= 4,500gp/month

And Durrock/Readyrock comes free! And he levels up to 11! Fuck yeah!

Total mercenary charges= 18,960gp/month


Orcs consume 3lb food/day
Ogres consume 10lb food/day
Dire wolves consume 10lb food/day- superficial google check says about as little as 3 and as much as 10lb/day for a regular wolf which is size M per book. Dire wolves are L. But also pulled out of my ass. Handlers included.

248 orcs (regular and shaman)@744lb/day
28 Orges@280lb/day
100 Dire wolves@1000lb day mostly meat

Total 60,720lb/month

85% meat/15% non meat
51612lb meat/9108lb non meat

Thats about 115 cows a month for 1380gp per figuring above.
455gp rounded down non meat
Total- 1835gp/monthfood


Alcohol- 248 drinkers (does not include mercenary ogres, prisoners, Forsaken and Grim) @3 drinks/day (12oz/drink for math) 748 drinks/day so 22320 drinks/month

That works out to 53 barrels, including spillage, of orcish ale. Strong and black as night.
Total- 420gp/month Sweet! All figured as above.

Total food and drink- 2255gp/month

150gp/month for all the other stuff you need when you have 248 orcs, 28 ogres and 100 dire wolves hanging around.

Shipping@290gp month (approx 12% of value of goods shipped, previous rate was 20%.).

Entertainment- gotta figure something out. Resuming raiding would help, and yield coin. A shrine would also help.

Grand Total
Mercenaries- 18,960gp/month
M+E- 2,545gp/month incl shipping
Total- 21,505gp/month

Wage due 1st of the month- Durrock/Readyrock will accept 50% (9,480gp) due on arrival of troops, with the balance due in 15 days.

Food, etc. can be broken out per 6 day week. That’s 5 payments of 509gp/month.

There is about a weeks worth of food in the Horn already.
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