Knights Errant Loot and XP

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Knights Errant Loot and XP

Post by Dave » Fri May 29, 2020 10:18 pm

Knights Errant Loot List
Vanilla stuff is fully listed. Can be ID'ed with enough Arcane sitting around looking at it.
* means needs an Identify is needed to know anything about it
^ means Legend Lore will be needed to reveal its secrets…

^Long Sword- clearly magical, clearly Holy. Who handles it? It must be touched to be Identified.
*Magic Shield- big symbol of Avenar on it
*Magic Girdle- also bearing holy symbol of Avenar
*Plate Armor with holy symbols of Avenar
*Warhammer +2
2x Dagger +1

Buddy Christ-
^Warhammer- bearing holy symbols of Avenar and Seker.
Splint Mail +1
Shield +1
^Silver holy symbol of Avenar, encrusted with sapphires and diamonds

*Great War Bow +2- note that this kind of bow is very rare, and not considered a typical martial weapon in terms of proficiency. Proficiency is gained through dedicating a feat to it. Doing this not only grants proficiency, but additional abilities. Biggest differences between this and a long bow is the GWB has a max range of 700ft, and STR is added as well as DEX to damage (I screwed up my spread sheet. He was doing +7 damage per arrow, should have been +10…). You can get 5000gp for it on good rolls.

Plate +1 bearing symbol of the Sword of Avenar
Long Sword +1
*Quiver holding 12 arrows- all of it is magical
8 +2 arrows
6 +2 arrows +2d6 radiant vs evil
3 +2 arrows Str DC 15 or Restrained. Save each round until free or 3 rounds max.
6 signal arrows
2 Daylight arrows- when they strike a target, Daylight per spell- 10min duration. Can be used as a flare. If fired straight up in the air, the Daylight arrow will float to the ground, taking a minute to do so.

Plate +1
+1 Ring of Protection
Platinum chain and pendant. Pendant is a warhammer inset with sapphires. 1000gp intact.

Knights (totals)
12x Warhammer +1
12x- plate and shield- non magic, marked with non-paladin type symbols of Avenar
12x platinum rings with carved sapphire in the shape of a Warhammer set in it. 250gp in scrap, intact maybe more if you can come up with a cool enough reason.

Spread throughout the whole of the group-
12x Cure 4 rubbers
5x Cure 5 rubbers
1x Heal 1 rubber
3x Lesser Restoration rubbers
1x Raise Dead rubber
16x Remove Poison rubbers
1x Levitation rubber
5 gallons of holy water, in silver quart flasks. All carved up and everything. Complete with finely tooled leather satchels that carry 2 of them. Flasks are worth 100gp each, 225gp when sold 2 with the satchel. There are 20 flasks and 10 satchels.

Book with detailed maps and descriptions of the interior and workings of the Horn of Abaddon as it was 80 years ago. Big chunk near the end has been torn out and is missing.

Curiously missing are any personal effects. Each did wear a simple leather necklace with a silver Warhammer pendant inset with a finely faceted sapphire. Each pendant is worth about 25gp in scrap. Maybe more if you can come up with another cool reason. There are 16 of these necklaces.

Valin CR 12
Buddy CR 6
Saget CR 7
Stick CR 8
Knight CR 5 x12
Ezra Thrice-Damned CR 8
Wraith CR 5 x4

Versus you guys, minions and monsters

3000xp each includes strategy bonus
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