Everett Assests

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Everett Assests

Post by Dave » Fri Jun 12, 2020 9:31 pm

Want to track what you guys have in Everett separately from the Horn of Abaddon thread for the sake of housekeeping.

Headquartered in the inn (name?) located in (?)

11 Xander’s crew
14 Valek’s men

What are these guys armed with?

Basic description of how the place is laid out.

Who is the inn keeper?
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Re: Everett Assests

Post by rgl2112 » Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:37 am

"The Brandied Rose" sits on a small corner in Lochward. It has quickly gained the reputation of always being a busy tavern and becoming a favorite among the tinkers and peddlers coming to the manufacturing district. The busyness is by design of course, when you have 27 "permanent customers" who seems to come and go during all times of the day and night. It also ensures that it's hard to find a room there as well, further conveying the elite reputation among the travelers in and out of the city.

A group of 5 actually "manage" the inn under Garavel's direction. There is an innkeeper, 2 cooks, and three bartenders in rotation. There is a small hired staff that works for food, usually local kids, who bus, clean, and run supply errands and other odd jobs. Those that have a job in the inn take it very seriously as they know their purpose, as do the "regulars" who handle the jobs on the streets.

In addition to the 27, there is an eclectic mix of regulars from the district making it a very busy place on most nights, perfect for discreet dealings. Entering the common room there is a large fireplace, a long bar with an opening at the end. The stock room is behind the bar with a small cellar, however most goods have to be stored above ground since the water level in all of Everett is rather high. A single stair case heads up to the 18 rooms, only 6 of which seem to be available for rent at any time. The men share a room as a pair with the exception of Garavel who has his own room. Downstairs attached to the back of the building is an innkeepers quarters which the 3 bartenders and innkeeper share. It shares a loading entry with the storeroom as well as it's own entry/exit to the back alley.

All have short swords and regular armor, even the staff although it is kept put away with the exception of their swords behind the bar. Those that came directly from the Horn probably have more, but they are very resourceful. The younger folk, like Charlie Hustle and his peers, are the eyes and ears for the group, but they are becoming very capable little rogues under the tutelage of Garavel.
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