Some Old Xot Notes

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Some Old Xot Notes

Post by Dave » Thu Jul 02, 2020 10:49 am

I was going through a bunch of old papers and came across a couple of note pads from probably 18-19 years ago full of campaign notes for the last evil campaign I ran in Arre. This is the one that culminated in the PVP encounter in front of Karamaka’s cell. Tucked into one of the pads was the round-by-round log of the actual encounter, including the PC roster. Maybe I’ll scan it and post it up for fun one of these days.

Anyways, this is the earliest Xot material written by me. Thought it would be fun to post it up. The Forsaken probably know most of this.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

The borders of the Old Empire ran from a hundred or so miles west of the Red River all the way to the South Carrow Sea to the east, and from the Lallow and Talon Bay to the Wall, excluding the Silverwood area, and some of the area currently claimed by the Lake States.

The Sea of Grass didn’t exist until well after the Sirocco War ended.

So here it is, with some minor editing:

Xot and the Region South of the Lake States

In the times before the Sirocco War, the region east of the Old Empire and south of what was to become the Lake States was known for two things: banditry and rebellion. At their best the people who lived there were unwilling servant of the Empire. At their worst, they had to be subdued by the Empire’s legions.

When the Armadon burst through the Wall at Greenhearth and destroyed the Old Empire, the region that would become Xot saw it as an opportunity to be rid of the Empire once and for all. Especially considering the Armadon ignored the region during their invasion. When the remaining city-states began their rebuilding, Xot was left out of their plans. When the Lake States formed their trade coalition, they began the long economic choking of Xot.

(Here are the original notes about the city of Xot. This would reflect Xot at the beginning of that first Evil campaign, so a few hundred years after the Sirocco War, and a few hundred years before the current timeline.)

Xot- pop. 45,000 predominantly LE>NE>CN>CE
Ruled by Baron Xot and a small council of “Nobility.”
(goes on to list the Black Council at the time including the Court Jester- an Illusionist Rogue called “The Minister of Jocularity…”, some might still be around so I won't list them here)

They rule by fear. They tolerate no opposition. They do keep taxes low. They keep the Lake States and Jangore as the focus of the people’s ire.

All live in the Black Palace (now known as Castle Xot). The palace dungeon is very deep. Duke Erages (member of that era’s Black Council, he’s long since dead) is also the Guildmaster of the #1 thieves guild in the city. This is not well known.

The Black Council is led by (gonna leave this out, because it is still true and will probably be very important stuff later in this campaign provided you guys live that long).

The citizens of Xot are by no means wealthy. Most live just above the poverty level. Very few are middle class or higher.

There is only a 25% literacy rate in Xot and the surrounding area. Most know of Iolore and Jangore, the Sea of Grass, the Silverwood, Ghastavon, the Wall, the Sisters and the Lake States, but no further. (the Carrow Sea and everything in it wasn’t even named or mapped back then, so the Sea Princes, Bondor, and Lethain were excluded.)
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