Ask Vetra-Kali Anything!

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Ask Vetra-Kali Anything!

Post by jbvholli » Wed Jul 15, 2020 10:15 pm

1. Our boon of defense should be Immunity from the Tears of Achlys to all who are presently in the Horn and those who sip the water from these 20 flasks
2. We would ask that Vetra-Kali grant us the power to spread his vengeance in a wieldable form.
3. Lastly as our reward (no one is sure...we may just tell him to bugger off, taking the satisfaction that I guess he could come back without worrying about the Holy Divers of Avenar)

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Re: Ask Vetra-Kali Anything!

Post by rgl2112 » Tue Sep 01, 2020 9:34 am

Taken from the Ritual Thread:
Let ye with wisdom understand. Once the final prayer is uttered upon the 222nd dusk, Vetra-Kali will begin his long traverse across the Great Wheel. At the stroke of midnight on that day he will emerge into his Sanctum and the Seal shall shatter.

Blessed day! Be ready, my brothers! His eyes have been stolen from him. Return them and the Prince will honor you with one boon for each.

For the Eye of Vigilance ask only for his mercy upon we mortals and plead that he do you and yours no harm, for his wroth will be great.

For the Eye of Hatred ask for his greatest gift- the Tears of Achlys so that once more every corner of Arre may know his mercy.

For the Eye of Withering ask what you will for in his gratitude he must answer your charge.

And then behold, the Prince is restored. All shall know his blessings of pestilence and despair.
So, we perform the last ritual at Dusk....and we'll have a few hours before Vetra-Kali comes at midnight. Using the text and our orders as a guide, here are the requests we make of Vetra-Kali by giving him his eyes:
  1. For the Eye of Vigilance, we ask for his mercy that he cannot harm us mortals or our trusted followers. Just like it says in the instructions of the text.
  2. For the Eye of Hatred, we ask for his greatest gift - obviously the Tears of Achlys so that once more every corner of Arre may know his mercy. Again, obvious and this is our mission, NOT to spread them, but the retrieve them.
  3. For the Eye of Withering, we ask that he grant immunity from the Tears of Achlys to those who drink from these vials, there are 20 total. 10 we must give to the Baron, and 10 will be for us to use as we wish, let's not be greedy. This takes care of us and our immediate subordinates: Grim, Tim (if needed), Garavel. With a couple left over. We do not know where this is intended to be released, but we have a good idea, Lake States, therefore, if we find ourselves needing to travel there once the Tears have been unleashed we will have immunity.
Once we use the three boons, I imagine Verta-Kali will be angry and feel denied, I suggest we give him the Captain and the Minion (did they survive?), to do as he wishes, and GTFO via breaking the seal or Teleport Ring then break the seal, whatever you guys think. Breaking the seal makes the most sense, our mission is complete, hopefully Tiadora will come retrieve us.
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Re: Ask Vetra-Kali Anything!

Post by jbvholli » Mon Sep 14, 2020 6:17 pm

Russell, Those are flasks, quart sized bottles of hurly wotter. We could give Lord Buyersremorse one bottle and he could probably be fine with his ten...

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