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Dragon Stuff

Post by Dave » Sun Aug 09, 2020 9:00 pm

You guys know a Dragon is coming soon. There are only a couple of days left in the Ritual. Like I would plant a seed like that and not let it grow...

Forget what you think you know about Dragons. There are some significant differences between the Dragons in the books and those in the campaign. Always has been. The Dragons of Arre tend to be powerful spellcasters (more sorcerer than wizard, but some can even cast divine magic) the older they get. The older the Dragon, the more likely they are to make and use magic items. There are a couple of age brackets above Ancient. These oldest Dragons rarely show themselves.

There aren’t a whole lot of Dragons on Arre. Old (really old) notes say maybe 2 dozen still live on the planet. That’s probably still true. A few are doing their own thing, whatever that may be. Some have thrown in their lot with specific causes or races. Others see themselves as Protectors of Arre, getting involved when something comes to threaten the world. The ones that have aligned themselves with a particular cause are almost fanatical about seeing that cause advance. They will devote every resource available to them to achieve their goals.

There is also a definite hierarchy amongst Dragonkind on Arre. Metallic Dragons are still good and Chromatic Dragons are evil. But there is a unifier involved that will bring the two types together sometimes. There is a “ruler” of Dragonkind, and established laws that they all follow. If called together, Dragons will put aside their differences and combine their resources willingly in the effort to complete the task for which they were brought together.

They are especially protective of their own and their works. Their lairs are very well hidden and protected. Regional effects will tend towards hiding their lairs. For instance, it is a well known secret that the legendary Dragon the the Lake kept a lair somewhere in the depths of Deeploche, but none have ever found it. Same goes with Slavendor’s lair in the Silverwood. Many have searched for these out only to come up empty handed. Well, those that are lucky enough to return at least.

An unprovoked attack on a Dragon will very often bring a response from other Dragons. Doesn’t matter if some evil Dragon from somewhere like, lets just say Griffon Heights, gets attacked by a group of adventurers wanting to add a Dragon to their trophy case or whatever. Other Dragons will rally for revenge.

A Dragon brought down trying to further a cause is a slightly different matter. Only other Dragons involved in that cause are likely to respond. They will certainly respond, though it might take some time. Dragons work on their own schedule, and are very methodical with their actions. They study who they act against, and will make plans. Those plans will have contingencies.

One trait they do share with regular D&D dragon lore is that once they claim something as their own, that’s all there is to it to them. They claimed Arre a long time ago.
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