Sons of Everard Loot

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Sons of Everard Loot

Post by Dave » Sun Sep 13, 2020 9:53 am

+1 gear, potions, rubbers and ammo IDs on an Arcane check.
Everything else needs a spell.
Some things might need more than just an ID spell to get the full story.

Carthus Donnigan
Shield with holy symbol of Avenar
Sack of diamond dust worth about 300gp
2x500gp diamonds
2x300gp diamonds
A small platinum and gold mirror worth about 1000gp
Scroll- Resurrection
Scroll- Word of Recall
Scroll- Hallow
2x Potion Cure 7

Frank Barhold
Studded Leather
Ring of Protection +1
Long Bow
Great Sword +1
Matched pair of hand crossbows
22x+2 Arrows
40x+2 Hand crossbow bolts
Rubber Cure 5
Rubber Greater Restore

Mad Meinhard Mott
Ring of Protection +1
Great Axe bearing many holy symbols of Avenar, from many different eras

2x Rubber Cure 5
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