The Letter That Came With the Fancy Case

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The Letter That Came With the Fancy Case

Post by Dave » Mon Jun 07, 2021 9:10 pm

His Excellency, Fr. Earnan MacCathlain
Lord-Abbot of the Order of St. Marcelius
Vale of Valtaerna via Saintsbridge

Goya’s of Deeploch
Research and Development Department
Brett Mydland, Director

22 Cutar, 713

Your Excellency, Lord Abbot,

The Board of Directors, and I, send our regards and well wishes to you, to the Church of Avenar, and to the Order of Saint Marcelius. We trust the climate in the Vale is much more pleasant than the rain that has set upon us in Deeploch.

To be delivered with this letter is a case containing the latest prototypes of the charged short range area spell delivery system that our project team has been working on in partnership with the Order of St. Marcelius. The integration of the priests and paladins of the Order into the team here in Deeploch led to an accelerated delivery date. The Goya’s team has built a strong relationship with Fr. Macallan especially. His dedication to the project has been unwavering.

One of the most notable changes between this prototype and the last is the chassis. Our team was able to modify our current popular “rubber” platform to accommodate the core of the spell capacitor. This will dramatically reduce both production time and costs. This will also allow these spell delivery systems to enjoy full use of our “Rubber Buddy” line of tactical accessories to ensure the most efficient outfitting for those so equipped.

We believe that we have fixed the anti-corruption filters that were allowing the spell in the capacitor to be altered or countered after activating the unit. The required fix has placed a spell level limit on the capacitor. As of now there is a 2 level limit, but the team is optimistic this can be raised during the upcoming trials.

I received word that Goya’s Legal team and the Order of St. Ivo have finally finished the negotiations over the production contract. This production line will be exclusively available to the Church of Avenar and the agencies of their sole choosing for a period of 3 years. After which Goya’s will be allowed to further develop and openly market this platform. There is some language about cost-plus unit pricing and continuance of intellectual property ownership that I trust the lawyers got right.

On a related note, during the last interdepartmental softball game between R+D and Marketing the suggestion was made to call this delivery system the “cracker.” The inspirations behind this name is the act of snapping the unit by hand and the loud cracking sound of the spell capacitor discharge. Also, Fr. Macallan’s prayers and defensive skills at first base most assuredly led to our first W against Marketing in 3 seasons! I have included a token of thanks to you Lord Abbot, on behalf of the entire R+D team, for selecting him to lead the Order’s Deeploch team, in the form of a bottle of Duernwood Treetop Year 100. Remember, it is tradition that the cork is never returned to the bottle. This promotes sharing it with many friends on the most special occasions.

Brent Mydland
Executive Director
Research and Development
Goya’s of Deeploch

p.s.- Earnan, my friend, when I come to the Vale for the feast of St. Homobonus, I will be bringing a bottle of Sklegg’s Own. Such a difficult thing to even find much less negotiate for! I trust that you will no doubt provide an exquisite pairing, you always do. It is a token of gratitude on behalf of the Board of Directors for the lead provided by you on a potential source of ball bearings. Hopefully it will pan out so economic catastrophe can be avoided.
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