Master of Serenity Loot

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Master of Serenity Loot

Post by Dave » Tue Oct 19, 2021 7:51 pm


Ring of the Haetorigumo- requires attunement
-Jump distances not capped by max move distance of wearer.
-can fall up to 100ft and take no damage and land on feet
3/SR-Super Jump Yo!
-Horizontal leap- standing-3x STR- running - 4x STR
-Vertical leap- running (3+STR mod)x4- standing- 1/2 that.
(Running jumps require at least 10ft move in the direction of the jump before jumping.)
- if a jump ends in an attack action, the attack is at advantage, and scores a critical hit on an 18. Only the first attack in the attack action gains this bonus.

***DM Note*** We're not going to get bogged down too much in the geometry of this thing if it gets used. Vertical distance gained will impact horizontal distance traveled. Dunno by what formula yet. A regular horizontal leap will be 5-10ft off the ground.

Boots of the Misty Step- no attunement- dark blue tabby toes
Misty Step as spell 2/LR

1x Heal 3 rubber
2x Cure 8 rubber
2x Greater Restoration rubber

Identified, but requires Legend Lore for more info

Diamond Edge- requires attunement
Naginata +3
Very light

Bracers of the Master- requires attunement
thick leather bracers carved with monastic Avenarian symbols

Does not appear to be magical

Pouch containing the Master's Path of the Circle String- about 6ft long, cordage made of many different materials, lots and lots of knots and tokens woven into it. Some of the tokens are very fancy. Looks very worn but still very sturdy.

Small pouch containing- 20ft of nice twine, a few fishing hooks, a very small jar with a lid containing what appears to be a hard cheese (lid can be tied down to the jar) and a flint and steel set.

Glint- +3 throwing blade range 30/90, 1d4. Speedy return- can be thrown twice in the same turn provided the first target is within 30ft, and the wielder has more than one attack per attack action.
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