Taranea’s Letter

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Taranea’s Letter

Post by Dave » Tue Nov 09, 2021 8:43 pm

Ara Mathra, He-Who-Stands-in-Light, Guardian of the Fires of Avenar, the Flame Undying, Patron of the Order of St. Marcelius, Warden of the Vale of Valtaerna

We bid Your Grace to accept this letter from Brigit of the Brijidine, Lady of the Azata and of the Ghaele, to serve as an introduction for Our Emissary in White, Taranea of the Ghaele.

She is charged by Our Decree to seek counsel with You on the matter of the machinations of the Once-Lich. She is to brief You and the Order of St. Marcellius on what We have learned of the actions of the agents of the Once-Lich in the area of the Duernwood and Deeploch.

It is Our hope that the Order of St. Marcelius will join the Ghaele against this rising threat. If she is successful, We fear that the Once-Lich will become empowered enough to threaten all of Arre, and the Worlds Beyond.

Your Ally in Light,
Brigit of the Brijidine
Lady of the Azata and of the Ghaele

It comes complete with a very fancy sigil, the likes of which you have not seen before. It is certainly “good,” and definitely not Avernarian. It resembles a very stylized tree, with many branches and leaves. The ink is golden in color, and still looks liquid.
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