The Shrine of St. Marcelius

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The Shrine of St. Marcelius

Post by Dave » Tue Nov 09, 2021 9:46 pm

The Shrine of St. Marcelius

Marcelius came to the Vale drawn here by the whispered words of an angel of Avenar.
He found the Vale uninhabited by men but illuminated by a strange light atop a mountain. He climbed the Mountain of the Phoenix and faced the great fiery beast itself without fear. He pledged that he and his followers would forever guard this sacred vale. Thus did he appease the Guardian Flame.

Marcelius found the way through the labyrinth and placed his hand in the Beneficent Flame and was restored. There is some indication that he suffered from something called "a thorn of the flesh," but nothing more than that. Marcelius pledged that he would share his gift of healing with all in need. Thus did he appease the Beneficent Flame.

Marcelius found the Undying Flame in a cave beyond the labyrinth. There he communed with the angel Ara Mathra. The angel Ara Mathra asked him the true test and he answered it honestly and correctly. He pledged that his Order would bind its fate to
the Flame Undying. And Ara Mathra became his teacher.

He died a martyr and was interned here. He waits for his chance to again serve.
Speak here to him for even now, he listens.
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