Cathedral Loot

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Cathedral Loot

Post by Dave » Wed Jan 12, 2022 8:28 pm

Cathedral Loot
Basic Loot

Approx 14,000gp in various holy symbols, prayer bead strings and other Avenarian holy paraphernalia. Most have the insignia of the Order of St. Marcelius (opened eye in a starburst), some more generic. There are a little over 560 individual pieces, worth about 25gp each. Probably 120lb in weight for the lot.

Magic Items

Prayer Beads from the 8th Ossuary- I think you guys already got these, maybe? There was only 1 strand of magic prayer beads here.
The beads are: Bless, 2nd Level Cure, Greater Restoration

Platinum and Sapphire starburst style holy symbol of Avenar- was sitting in the little niche in the room of the First Trial. You guys left it alone. It looks just like that starburst holy symbol you guys saw way back in the Nine Trials dungeon in the swamp manor. I just gotta know who actually touches it.

Pearl- a perfect white one, about an inch in diameter.

Silver holy symbol of Avenar- a dark blue colored stone is set in it. Very ornately carved.

Other Items of Interest

The almost complete records of the Order of St. Marcelius- You guys did burn up some of it just before you met the ghost martyrs. Most of a rooms worth of scrolls, books, and such things. There is undoubtedly much to learn about the Order and probably the whole church of Avenar contained in this stack. That comes with a massive time commitment of course.

The complete and undamaged private library of the Lord-Abbotts of the Order of St. Marcelius. You guys already got the book of star charts and the journal of St. Angelo. Thousands of pounds of books, scrolls, papers, tablets, carved discs of various metals, etc. Some of these documents are clearly ancient. Lots of languages and symbols you guys don't recognize. If there was ever somewhere that there were secrets or forgotten lore written down, it's in this collection. If you guys want to dump some coin out of your bags and replace it with some of this stuff, let me know. Also will involve a massive time commitment to sift through it all.
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