The Shrine of Coron

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The Shrine of Coron

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The Shrine of Coron

What Tim and Raiju have to say. From Raiju's direct investigations and Tim's interrogations during your time her.

Just to the west of Sanctum Forest there is a shrine to Coron, Knight of the Three, legendary dwarven paladin. It was built by the dwarven masons and stonecutters that came here long ago to work the quarry and build Saintsbridge, the garden docks, and the Watchtower.

It is a favorite place for off duty soldiers in the Vale and Saintsbridge to find a little r+r.

It is much more than just a shrine, though that is what it is typically called. There are a few large halls, storerooms, a great hall, a large chapel devoted to Moradin, small chapels to Seker and Vishnu, living space (ranging from dorms to more private rooms for just a couple of people), a couple of workshops and a small forge. There is of course, an actual shrine to Coron.

The whole complex is built of a mix of the existing mountain granite and alabaster from the quarry. Superb craftsmanship throughout. There is extensive use of precious and semi-precious stones, and metal inlays throughout the shrine.

The Lore Dump- purely dumping old notes and stuff. This is nothing that any of the NPCs currently with you would have a chance of knowing, except for maybe Izavel. Even then she would only know the most basic stuff.

The legend of Coron is told in the architecture and decorations throughout the shrine.

Coron usually appears as a dwarf warrior wearing full plate armor complete with helm. He is wielding a war hammer and bearing a tower shield. On his back is a frame work that holds a banner. Everything about him looks battle worn. The banner is slightly tattered.

His shield is emblazoned with a symbol that incorporates an anvil, ahnk, and lotus. The banner has a strange symbol that you do not recognize.

Sometimes he is depicted as typically dwarvish in height, sometimes much larger in relative scale to other things in a particular depiction.

Basic gist of the tale-

Coron first lived a very long time ago, your best guess is before the Sirocco War. He was born in Rankin in the Shieldlands. He worked as a blacksmith in his youth became an Outrider early in his adulthood. In his service in the Outriders, he had separate encounters with the avatars of his god Moradin, and of both Seker and Vishnu.

He travelled then to the great cathedral of Vishnu in Talmarain and of Seker in Morough.

There are a few carvings showing him in the grasp of Moradin’s tongs and being placed on that god’s anvil.

He became the first dwarf to become a paladin. His hammer is a very powerful relic, imbued with the divine power of 3 gods.

Coron returned Rankin only to disappear into the Dwarvehome Mountains. It was prophesied that his future return to Rankin would signal the time for the dwarves to retake their ancestral home.

For the time he was “disappeared” he is sometimes shown without armor, shield or banner. His mighty war hammer is merely a rock tied to a stick. Looking weary, but still determined. Other times he is in relentless battle with something that you can’t quite tell what it is. In these cases, there is usually a pack of fearsome dog like beasts in the fight along with whatever Coron is bashing.

He did return to Rankin just before the Oracle War. He came as one not even aware of who he really was, but transformed to his full glory upon passing through the gate. His return inspired many dwarves to become paladins, thus creating the Order of Coron. Their motto is: “For there is still much to do.”

His return is seen as his “second life.”

He did not stay in Rankin for long, but traveled to throughout the southern lands, Jangore, Iolore, Ghastavon. He was in the first group to make contact with the halflings of Greenhearth after the Sirocco War. He performed some kind of service for the legendary Dragon of the Lake in Deeploch. He traveled to New Moon where he fought a great servant of his enemy. He also thwarted a plot by the Black Council to free Karamaka from the prison of the Sanhedrin.

The last depictions of him show him and his companions entering the Temple of the Oracle during the Battle of Griffon Heights at the end of the Oracle War. From there he disappeared once again.

In the telling of his tale in the actual shrine to Coron in the complex, he is shown as his order believes him to be today- once again not aware of who he really is, but destined still to return to Rankin to complete the liberation of the ancestral home of the dwarves.
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