War News Chap 4

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War News Chap 4

Post by Dave » Wed Nov 16, 2022 9:42 pm

War news-

Thorn is now “Cardinal Thorn.” This title change doesn’t change the terms of the Contract.

The Fire Axe took advantage of the confusion created by the Forsaken’s attack on the Vale of Valtaerna by splitting his horde to attack Everett and Manassas at the same time.

The Fire Axe lead the larger portion to Manassas, and not only crushed the cities defenses, but also destroyed an army meant to reinforce Everett along the way.

The smaller force has besieged Everett. The Order of Celeste is holding the city for now, but a steady stream of reinforcements for the horde coming from Everard Tower and the recently retaken Lionsgate are pressing hard.

There are credible reports of elven scouts and mages from the Silverwood operating between Carn and Everett on the north side of the Choral Run, and to the east of the Silverwood. Only the largest groups of reinforcements from the north can use Carn as a crossing, and those take significant losses in doing so.

The efforts of the Wardens in closing the openings in the North Wall have been wasted. Sagentown remains wide open. The bridge crossing at Lionsgate has been restored, and is favored by various barbarian hordes who have raided as far south as the Xotian frontier along the coast of the North Carrow. Xotian forces have done little to stop them. There is no sign of Warden involvement in the area, but then again, none is really expected to be found.

The plague has torn through the Lake States with astonishing speed. It can be removed with a Cure Disease or greater spell, but there just aren’t enough casters of such magic to save the multitudes that have become infected. Besides, curing it does not impart any kind of future resistance or immunity against it.

Lord Markadian, “Chairman” of the Board of the Lake States has finally gathered an army that is undoubtedly strong enough to destroy the horde of the Fire Axe. It is on the move, and heading to Manassas. It is moving slowly though. It will take about a month for it to reach Its destination.

The strength of the Church of Avenar has been severely diluted in the last 2 months. There are three missions they are involved in:

1- The restoration of the Vale of Valtaerna. The Church is cleaning the place up, and replenishing the losses. There appears to be quite the contingent of Celestials joining them. These are led by the Solar Beburos, The Word Made Manifest. His force includes a Planetar, several Deva and all manner of Archons. The Mother of Fire is still there. Saintsbridge has been fully remanned, and the Vale is on lockdown. The damage done will not easily be undone, and will have long reaching consequences for the Church of Avenar.

2- Tending to the victims of the Tears of Achlys. The Tears have spread throughout the Lake States. The Church of Avenar is struggling to keep up. The Church of Diancecht is sending healers from across Arre to help. Even so, it’s been very challenging even trying to contain it.

3- Supporting the war effort. This has mostly become protecting the army against the Tears. Various paladin and monk Orders have begun a series of counteroffensives against the hordes of the Fire Axe. The Sword of Avenar has made the occasional appearance on the battlefield, though not as much as one would think at such a critical point in the war.

Rumors and Whatnot-

The Sanhedrin have been relatively quiet about the invasion. They have had strong ties with Bedford for a very long time. Word on the street is that if they think Bedford may be threatened, they will do something.

Huntsfield has been somewhat "reluctant" to join the cause. They have committed a modest portion of their standing forces and Shieldmen, but they have kept most of their elite troops back.
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