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Before the Fire Axe came to town, Manassas and it's surrounding lands had a population of around 140,000 (includes surrounding lands). 65% human, 20% elf, 10% halfling, 5% dwarf. Mostly Lawful Good.
The map is not necessarily to scale.

Not on the map- being an old frontier city, there are walls and little fortifications all around the city. Duward has a wall around the entire district. The Palace has a wall. There is a wall around the combined area of Argyntile, Goldenhall, Smallward, Glassboro and Bandlethyn. There are towers scattered around the edges of Lakeward, Mardleston and Haverston. There are gatehouses on all of the major roads leading to these districts from the surrounding lands.

Duke Chris Martin has been in that office for 25 years now. It is a well known secret that the Ducal Advisory Committee has really been running the show ever since. Good news is that they have been running things well and fairly. Manassas has been the gateway for the vast majority of business between the Lake States and The Silverwood, and the DAC keeps things smooth. Everyone has been happy and money flows freely through the city. If there ever was an argument to be made in favor of trickle down economics, Manassas would be it. Even the "poorest" parts of the city are much better off than others in a similar social strata.

Bad news is that every once and a while the Duke gets personally involved in some big decision and it gets mucked up. He means well, and has a big heart. He is cool to hang with until he drinks too much, He just isn't good at being Duke.

He doesn't have an heir.

Angleton- (not on the map because whatever- between Bandelthyn and Haverston, on the east side of the river)- small farming district, mostly untouched by the fighting. Doesn't hold much interest to looters, so is in pretty good condition. The gatehouse that leads to this section of the city is manned by bugbears, and goblin worg riders patrol the roads.

Argyntile- was a busy artisan/production district, now it is pile of smoldering ruin. Very few buildings are intact and those mostly house ogres who spend their time getting drunk while they wait for orders.

Bandelthyn- mostly a residential part of town. Was far enough from the point of the initial invasion which allowed for it's inhabitants to flee with whatever they could carry. There are plenty of abandoned homes and shops throughout his district.

Cliffward- used to be the bad part of town. Home of the second worst prison in the Lake States. You know what the first is. The prison still stands and it's defenses have rebuffed any assault against it. The Hoard steers clear of the prison. They came to loot, not liberate. They don't care about a few holdouts guarding what? Some prisoners?

Duward- home of the Ducal Palace and most every power player and noble in the city. There were quite a few trade houses here too. Has been looted, but was so wealthy that there is plenty left. The biggest remaining prize by far is the Sable Tower. This tower is known to hold the crown jewels. No one has managed to get past its magical defenses though.

Gattleton- a farming district that was never rich to begin with. Served as the location for the initial assault of the city. That attack was a feint to distract from the real assault on the heart if the city. There is nothing left here but razed buildings and corpses. The crows feast.

Glassboro- once the largest artisan/manufacturing district in the city. It has been thoroughly sacked. There are still a few small parts that are relatively intact.

Goldenhall- this was the prize, and the entire hoard knew it. Thought to be even wealthier than Duward. It has been burnt to the ground, and the ashes have been sifted through. About the only treasure to be found here is what has been left behind by looters when they found something better. The local Royal Digs is here. It is pretty much the only intact building in the district. This is due to the Armadon contingent that has created a perimeter around the hotel. None of the Hoard have challenged them since a group of fire giants tried on the first night of the invasion.

Haverston- small farming community on the outskirts of town. Only lightly patrolled by goblin worg riders. There are a few provincial manor houses here. Most are empty of people and anything of high value as the residents had plenty of time to evacuate. There are better pickings for less travel effort than most of the hoard is willing to undertake. Largely intact.

Mardleston- the largest and most prosperous of the city's farming districts. Still somewhat intact, but not thought to be as rich as some of the other districts. Patrolled by bugbears and goblin worg riders. Rumors abound that elves have been sighted here, but there is no proof of that.

Lakeward- the docks. As most every creature type in the hoard despise ships and water in general, it is remarkably intact. Apparently everyone thinks that someone else has looted it. Lots of warehouses.

Smallward- the city's smallest district. Home to some of the city's most prominent boutique artisan shops and stores. Still somewhat intact.

Tythers- the religious district. Home to the Cathedral of Avenar Made Manifest. Superstation has kept the looting at a minimum. Those that have be bold, or drunk, enough to approach the cathedral report that they hear a voice singing songs of praise coming from it. No one has actually entered it though.
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