Burzak’s Booze Challenge

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Burzak’s Booze Challenge

Post by Dave » Mon Nov 28, 2022 8:32 pm

***Meant to serve as a scavenger hunt type thing. Something extra to do while in Manassas.***

Burzak Ballbuster is one of Sakkarak's chief captains. The bugbears under his control have served as the vanguard of the Fire Axe's army since the invasion began. He is well respected as a leader and as a lover of alcohol. He has been known to out drink ogres and Giants.

He has been looking forward to the sacking of Manassas since planning of the invasion. No other city produces such a selection of alcoholic treats as Manassas. And Burzak has plans to sample each and every one of them.

A very nice great sword has come to him while plundering Manassas. Thing is, he already has a terrific great axe that he is really attached to.

He won the sword “fairly” from some old warrior that put up a good fight. Burzak has vowed to toast his fallen foe with each of the 13 brews and spirits that are unique to Manassas.

Whoever can present all of the drinks in their original, and unopened, containers to him first will win the sword. There are many in the horde that seek that prize.

The contest was only open to the lieutenants of the horde. Burzak invited Grim to join mostly out of respect, but also because it can only increase his chances of drinking everything that Manassas has to offer.

Burzak will tolerate no shenanigans, and will not allow any spells to be cast on the blade before it is won. He has attuned to it already.

But so you know what is up to grabs-

Golden Fire- Great Sword +3, + 2d4 fire damage. Nat 20- Double dice + Alexa. Attunement required.

If a part of this sword can be gold, it is. Exquisitely made, super thin blade, extremely sharp, tons of engravings, very light weight. When it is swung in combat, the edge glows white hot.

The Booze List

District Booze

XX Angleton Harper's Malt (malty, dark beer, bottled) XX
XX Argyntile Crystalshine (clear rotgut whisky made of potato, jarred) XX
XX Bandelthyn Black Bitterbiter (black bitter stout ale, small keg)XX
XX Cliffward Viander Vino (delicate white wine, bottled) XX
XX Duward Cerulean (bright blue syrup thick liquor, crystal bottle) XX
XX Gattleton Gattletale (barley beer, small keg)XX
XX Goldenhall Godsmead (apple honey brandy, medium crock)XX
XX Glassboro Blood Rum (deep red sugar beet rum, square bottles) XX
XX Haverston The Ninepenny Knockout (high proof beer, 2 gal bottle)XX
XX Mardleston Mudhen (red ale, very distinctive label on bottle) XX
XX Seaward Slambam Sam's Best Dram (very peaty malt, bottle) XX
XX Smallward Astoria's Weakness (spiced apple cider, small jar)XX
XX Tythers St. Vitarius (sweet brandy, crystal bottle) - Found in the Cathedral XX

Grimnok thinks the sword up for grabs is pretty cool.
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