The Vision That Happened During the Rest

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The Vision That Happened During the Rest

Post by Dave » Mon Nov 15, 2021 9:07 pm

As the Forsaken rest, they have the following vision. It comes on gradually, a feeling leading to a tactile immersion. This becomes a full sensory experience.

Interpret as you will.

Each of the Forsaken can see the whole of the Vale of Valtaerna. There are no signs of woe that befell it at your hands. You see the place as it was, a refuge of peace. The people of Sanctum live their lives fulfilled and content. The forests and glades are serene and the energy of life in those places is palpable.

The height of the Mountain of the Phoenix glows with the fire of the majestic Sulimein, Consort of the Mother of Fire, the Fire That Never Dies. The voice of the Flame That Sings resonates out of the Temple of the Phoenix. Her song is not a lamentation, but one of joy. The song carries the light of the Phoenix across the whole of the Vale.

Even brighter than the Guardian Flame is the light that shines from the the Cathedral of Avenar Made Manifest. The light from the Phoenix brings warmth, but the light from the Cathedral shines throughout the Vale. But these are not the only lights that the Forsaken see.

Far to the south there is another that shines. This light shines red and is intense in magnitude despite it’s small size. So much so that it stands out against the other lights, in contrast if nothing else. The red light grows and soon it engulfs the Watchtower and Sanctum. It is the color of blood, the land below it it burns.

The song that once filled the air with joyous tones becomes a dirge of near infinite sadness. As the Bloodfire engulfs the mountain, the song stops abruptly. The whole of the Vale is silent. The life sounds of the fields and waters are silent in mourning. Still the wave of Bloodfire grows, consuming the Vale as it rushes north.

Through it all, the Light of Avenar Made Manifest shines. Though the wave of Bloodfire threatens to overwhelm it, the light grows. The wave breaks against the Light of Avenar. It crashes again and again but finds no gain though in strength it is far brighter than the light that stands in defiance against it.

Then the Light of Avenar flares causing the Forsaken to wince. The waves of Bloodfire gather strength and crash against it again, but this time there is a faltering of resolve. The Forsaken know that one of their own has felt the fear of the wrath that is to come. This singular fear has weakened the whole.

The Light of Avenar flares again. The fear grows. The waves of Bloodfire strike the light again and again, each time it is obviously less effective as the previous hit. Another flare and the Bloodfire recedes. The Light of Avenar bursts forth and begins to drive the Bloodfire from the Vale.

The Bloodfire doesn’t recede so much as flee from the Light of Avenar, but there is nowhere for it to go. Even the deepest depths of the Vale are illuminated as bright as day. No shadows are cast in its Divine Presence.

And the Bloodfire is gone.

The Forsaken begin to come back to the normal range of their senses. As they do, they hear a faint voice. It repeats the same thing until it fades away. “In our darkest hour, the martyrs shall answer the tears of the blessed.”
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