Sembethe’s Warning

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Sembethe’s Warning

Post by Dave » Tue Jan 11, 2022 10:01 pm

Sembethe’s Warning

Servants of Karamarkai! (she uses the name of Karamaka in the infernal tongue)- Valak and Amadeus recognize this as infernal.

Though you seek to defile this holy place and slaughter all of it’s inhabitants, I must beg of you to listen to my words!

The seer that has joined your unholy crusade, she must not be allowed to leave the Vale. If she does, the gods themselves will tremble. All of the gods, Avenar and Karamarkai alike, will suffer the consequences. She has used you to her own ends, and has set you up to take the fall for her actions.

Though I wish you failure in your fell mission, should you succeed, you must destroy her or see that she cannot leave the Vale when the Mother of Fire breaks down the barrier.

If asked how she knows this-
Before your shadow was cast over the Vale, I had visions that defied interpretation. When your army assaulted the Watchtower, I felt her presence when she drew forth the energies of life from your minions to power her strange magic. As I studied her, I began to understand some of those visions related to her.

In her vanity she thinks that she has hidden herself completely from my eye. She has not.

If asked about her use of “Karamarkai” she says-
I know my enemy, and will call her as she calls herself in her own language. I do not fear her.

(I do not fear you either, though I know that the Forsaken could destroy me if given the chance.)

If asked why she doesn’t try to kill Izavel herself-
If you fail in your mission, she will face her judgment before your barrier falls. If you succeed here in the cathedral, you will undoubtedly try to hunt me down. And I must survive to tell others what I have learned of her and what she has done in this place in hopes they will listen while you do not.

—— —-
If asked why she is telling them this-
Your ward and the nature of the place make it very difficult to see the possible paths to Destiny. It is…difficult to even see the paths much less interpret the visions. But in this place, your seer cannot see. She is sitting in a boat at the dock, awaiting her fate. She knows that it is out of her hands. And despite that, she appears to be content.

She is at the moment of what she sees as her greatest triumph. Yet her very survival depends on someone other than herself.

For if you do not do as I say, she will cause untold damage when she returns to Arre.
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