What Carrick Fergus Found Out

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What Carrick Fergus Found Out

Post by Dave » Fri Oct 11, 2019 9:36 pm

What Carrick Fergus Tells the Forsaken

Slavendor was one of Tiamat’s Consorts, and the most feared dragon on Arre up until he was blown away during a battle in a place not too far from here called Griffon Heights. This was about 700 years ago. Before that, the locals called him the Scourge of the Silverwood. Just about everyone ponied up regular tribute to him. And he collected for a really, really long time. The list of items given up to him include artifacts and relics and more jink than a Mercurian valley. Put that with his getting blasted to smithereens in front of a crowd, and you got the full attention every cutter in the land. Am I wrong? Thing is the lair was never found even while he was alive. Or if it was, either Slavendor got them or they ain’t talking about it for some reason. And it hasn’t been found by anyone since he was taken out. Or ain’t nobody talking about that either. This sound like our people got the right dragon? Alright then.

Slavendor was put down by another dragon by the name of Malcheziac, who was also known as the Draconis Rex. Evidently there was some real heavy dragon shit involved, and let’s just say Slavendor lost that one and won’t be coming back. Anyways, this Malcheziac went and got himself a place in the dead book at the same battle by something called the Oracle. No idea what that little dust up was all about, but our people say that there are indicators that the whole affair was a pretty big deal. Like off the regular scale for that kind of stuff. I don’t really know, not my thing. But if the kind of power our people are saying was being thrown around, then these guys were high up. And if this Malcheziac was packing that kind of heat when he went, well that kind of makes me wonder about the state of his hoard too. But I digress.

The general consensus is that Slavendor’s lair was somewhere near the center of the Silverwood. I gotta say “general consensus” because that’s the best information our people were able to gather. There is some, interference when it comes to using divination spells and items to gather information about either Slavendor or his old place.

That would put it in the territory of the Grey elves. And if anyone knows where his lair is it’s them. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they had it cleared out before Slavendor’s dust settled. If the big guy had set up in their neck of the woods, that would of had them going barmie from jump! He was putting the squeeze on them just like everyone else. They would have been ready for an opening either to take him out first chance he got slow, or ready to move in if someone else did the deed. So I think they got it, but that’s just me. Our guys can’t confirm that. But if they took it, none of the big ticket items known to be part of the hoard have ever surfaced.

Now when we cased out our operation, the Greys were one of our main concerns. They have all of the arcane bases covered, good enough to survive Slavendor lairing in their turf. They probably have been in the Silverwood the longest. They also keep pretty close ranks. They know how to keep a secret. They also have considerable pull with the other elves of the Silverwood. And for as far as we can tell, just about every other straight race and species that calls it home.

They say that they are the oldest race of elves, around here at least, and that they reside in the cradle of elvenkind on this world. They also see themselves as protectors of both. You can bet that they cast a spell or two in your direction after your second beacon fired off and blotted out the sun. Its also a good bet that they asked their wood elf buddies next door to check in on you. Which they most likely will. In force. As you undoubtedly know I’m sure. Especially with what your people have been doing to them.

With the wood elves all upset, they are stepping up their game. We got us a nice place, and the start of something good. The Cartel doesn’t want the set back that a relocation will cause. Extra attention is something we don’t need. And quite frankly, you don’t want that either.

So. I’ve told you everything that the Cartel knows about Slavendor and his lost hoard. So let me hear all about how you guys are going to return a little peace and quiet to the neighborhood.
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