This Winter Solstice

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This Winter Solstice

Post by Dave » Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:16 pm

The Lord of Hammerhall is uneasy this Long Night.

Sir Valin Darian stood on the barbican as he watched his father, the Lord of Hammerhall, lead 500 men to answer the call of the Lake States. His brother waved as he rode by, and shouted that they would be back before the Solstice. He had hoped that they would be back long before that.

Turns out it was much sooner. The Lord and Captain of Hammerhall were struck down by Sacarac the Fire Axe a fortnight after they sallied forth from Everett. Their remains were returned to the fortress, and placed in the crypt. Sir Valin was named Lord of Hammerhall, and was given his great-grandfather’s sword as his father was before him.

That night, the sky to the north was lit up by a flare from the Horn of Abaddon. Lord Valin had heard the stories of how his great-grandfather Markadian the Victor had destroyed Vetra-Kali and his cult some 80 years earlier. He knew that Markadian himself had fasted and prayed to consecrate the great Silver Seal that kept the demon lord from returning. And he knew that someone had finally come to try and break the seal.

The new Lord of Hammerhall sent word to his former companions, but the war has delayed their return. Together they would cleanse the Horn. He busied himself as best he could, but his mind was always on the Horn. Even before the second flare was seen, he would spend most of his time on the wall of Hammerhall. Always looking to the north.

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