Illyana Morningsong

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Illyana Morningsong

Post by Dave » Fri Apr 24, 2020 10:19 pm

Presented as entertainment only. Please try to do your best to not metagame any of this in some feeble attempt to gain in-game leverage. I’d hate for that to backfire on you.

Illyana Morningsong

Illyana Morningsong (not her birth name, but given) was born a fortunate child. Hers was a happy lot at first. Her parents truly loved each other, and did all that they could to make her childhood special. They encouraged and loved her with all of their hearts. When her brother was born a few years after, she quickly fell into the role of the loving sibling. Her family life was filled with love.

When she was 9 years old, her family took a long vacation to Shawnee Lake. It was a wonderful adventure to travel from Bedford all the way to Shawnee. And the lake itself? It was a whole new world of things to behold. Her troubles began about a week after they arrived.

A gang of cutthroat criminals made the family as an easy mark, and invaded the manor where her family was staying. It was brutal and bloody. At the end of it, only Illyana survived. She witnessed the horrific deaths of the parents and sibling she loved.

She was taken by the gang unmarked and intact, because there are those that will pay a handsome price for such commodities. Soon she was auctioned off and moved to Carn. She drifted from fear into a mostly catatonic state during this time. Her memories are vaguely unpleasant.

She does remember being bathed in lavender, and dressed in a beautiful silk dress. Then she remembers an unwelcome touch, and a knife. She was quick, even then. He never saw it coming as it cleanly entered back of his skull. How her dress remained clean she has no idea.

She ran from the place into an unfamiliar town. A beautiful little girl lost in the world and afraid, with no one to turn to. It wasn’t long before she became prey. He first came as a savior intent on helping her from the goodness of his heart. When he took her down an alley, his true motive became clear.

Her resistance attracted the attention of a patrol of soldiers. She was saved! Or so she thought. A stranger who displayed powerful magic laid waste to her would be protectors, and spared her attacker. This stranger then watched as the last vestiges of her innocence was taken from her.

She was left for dead in that alley in Carn. It was a man named Gregor that came upon her in the early morning. He had lost his own wife and daughters to a sickness a few years prior, and his heart leapt out for the broken and battered young girl that he had found on his way to work that day.

Gregor tried to find her family, but was unable. The local government was unhelpful as they so often are. She drifted back into her near catatonic state, unable to communicate for the most part. Sometimes when she came bak to reality she would cry and wail as her child’s mind tried to process what she had been through. It was then when Gregor began to call her “Morningsong” as he didn’t know her real name.

Gregor loved her as he did his own children. He was not wealthy, but he was hardworking and skilled at his profession. Illyana would accompany Gregor wherever he went. Work, tavern, shop, she would stay at his side. Even at her most distant she remained close to him. In the deepest parts of her mind she knew he would look after her.

Gregor was always striving to provide for and nurse Illyana back to health. He took them away from Carn to the Lake States by taking one better job after another. He eventually took a job in Brandermill at a very popular inn in Terrick Hill. She would watch the dancers as much as she could. The way they moved with grace and purpose made a connection with her on a deep level.

With Gregor’s love and support, Illyana began to return to life. He learned her name, but she had come to like Morningsong. She stayed with him always, and he was happy for it. Each knew that they were given a special gift. A new family. As the years passed, they thought of each other as father and daughter. He would take any extra job that he could, and she would always go with him.

One fateful evening, Gregor agreed to work a shift at the prison. The regular night cook had a family emergency. That is why they were in the kitchen when the Forsaken broke out. One of them managed to convince his blood thirsty companions to spare their lives. Then they lit the place on fire. Gregor had no choice then. He had to save his daughter no matter the risk.

They took their chance. Gregor laid down his life for his daughter, and she ran as fast as she could. A new instinct in her woke up in that moment. She didn’t have a name for it then. She fled not just for her life, but for the lives of the families that she had lost. But where could she be safe? She had no idea, but the fear did not consume her this time.

As luck would have it, she soon found friends. Her new friends took her in, and protected her. She knew she would be safe with them. She learned so much from them, and they encouraged her growth. They call her “little sister.” She likes that. It’s as if she has another new family. They listen to her, and encourage her to succeed.

Her new friends don’t look down on things like age, and she grows in knowledge and prominence. She used that position to keep tabs on the one that took away Gregor. The instinct that came to life in the prison was revenge, and everything she did from her escape forward fed that beast within her.

She would have her revenge, and her in a manner of her choosing. She found plenty of opportunity to practice and learn. Her friends help her. They provide many opportunities for her to gain experience. She has done well, so she has been well rewarded. And she appreciates them even more.
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