New and Exclusively From Goya’s of Deeploche

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New and Exclusively From Goya’s of Deeploche

Post by Dave » Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:14 pm

Have you ever been down in a dungeon for days with your goal near when suddenly your party meat shield sets off a diabolical trap that drops him faster than his intelligence did when he took that Feeblemind from that Ulitharid a few levels back so you reach in your trusty pouch for that 300gp diamond that you have been saving only to discover your former party rogue helped himself to a severance package when you fired him for leaving his thieves tools back at that last inn? Sure you have! We all have!

Your “Friend in the Field” has been there too, and has your back!

Introducing the Componanator 3000. The Componanator 3000 allows you to replace all* of those material components that have an extra gold cost with a single item that also acts as either an arcane or divine (fully customizable with the holy symbol of your choice, we won’t judge you) focus.

The C3K comes in a variety of slotable items and colors, and best of all doesn’t require attunement!

Your basic C3K starts at 500gp. It can be charged up to 15,000gp. Any time you cast a spell with a consumable component, the gp value is deducted from the “charge” stored. If the component isn’t typically consumed in the casting, nothing is deducted. As long as you have enough value in your C3K, you are good to go!

When you run low, bring it on back to your closest Goya’s and we can fill it up as much as you like! For money. With a nominal service charge (10% of gp to be plugged in) of course. This stuff ain’t free for us, we got expenses too.

Special introductory offer! Get a C3K with 1000gp preloaded for only 1300gp! Our lawyers are cool with this, but our accountants aren’t!

So spell lobbers, get rid of all those extra gems and dusts and crap that you have been carrying around, and pick up a Componanator 3000 today! While you are at it, get rid of that rogue too. Or at least keep an eye on him.

From your Friend in the Field, Goya’s of Deeploche. Locations world wide.

*Most actually. We should point out that the Componanator 3000 does not work for the following spells:

Our lawyers do care about that part.
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