What Carrick Fergus Has To Say Now

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What Carrick Fergus Has To Say Now

Post by Dave » Sun Aug 16, 2020 7:17 pm

***This will help with the slang terms he is using- http://theplanardm.com/planar-slang/ ***

Look, you know this isn’t a social call. And I ain’t here to nick you guys. Not that long ago when we talked you guys said that you would do your part in keeping whatever it is you got yourselves into to yourselves.

For three days orcs and wolves have been burning their way across the Silverwood. Now unless there’s a difference in the meaning of the phrase “keep to yourselves” in this Prime from how the rest of the Wheel interprets it, I think we have a problem. Now I said we gotta talk and I came here to talk, not get you all piked up. I need you to scan this and let me say my piece, and then I’ll see myself out.

The Cartel understood our agreement as meaning you wouldn’t do something like set a few hundred orcs and dire wolves loose on the elves, and we would get you in on the ground floor of something big with preferred partner status. Instead what we got out of the deal is a setback. The Cartel doesn’t like setbacks.

Worst part is I stuck my neck out for you. What can I say? After I saw what you guys have done since you tumbled to my stash, I got myself twigged to you. I dunno. Whatever. I stepped up for you guys, and saved you some hassle. Now I look all addle-coved for my efforts. And still I went to bat for you. So here is what I got for you.

The Cartel won’t move against you unless you turn stag on us. Finish what you started, then you should consider moving on. I gotta feeling that you are already planning to do that, so that shouldn’t be to difficult a decision.

Second, our deal is done. That sack of sparkle closes it. The Cartel owes you nothing. You know what though? Who knows what the Fates may bring? Maybe someday we can work together again. That book ain’t closed yet. Mind you, I about climbed the leafless tree for that one. I would appreciate some consideration for the effort.

Now that might not seem like a big deal, but let me show you the dark of it. The Cartel insisted on letting one of our ‘mutual acquaintances’ around here in on our new status. Let’s just say your Everett privileges are about to be revoked. I would think it would be a good idea for you to tell your bashers in town to pull up stakes and find another anthill to bang around in. Your boy Garavel is canny. I’m sure if you give him a direction, he’ll do just fine. If he sticks around Everett, who knows what will happen. I can assure you, whatever that may be, it won’t be anything involving the Cartel.

That’s the music gentlemen. You ain’t in the blinds yet. Just finish your business here then be forgotten for a little while. You can look me up sometime, after things settle and bygones get to be bygones.
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