The Sons of Everard

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The Sons of Everard

Post by Dave » Mon Sep 07, 2020 7:51 pm

The Sanctum of Vetra-Kali begins to fill with a soft, dim light that is steadily growing brighter. It’s as if the light of the dawning sun is shining directly into the Sanctum. It’s strange that the balcony faces to the west. You turn to face the sun, and you see that shining orb rising over the Silverwood. Though you look deeply into it, it does not hurt your eyes.

As it grows, you realize it is not the sun but a sphere of Bloodfire. It grows to cover the horizon. The growing Blood Sun engulfs the Horn of Abaddon, and the Sanctum is filled with the burning Spirit of Karamaka. Her voice is one of maternal authority.

“My loyal children, you have come far in so short a time. There have been many tests that you have faced, and make no mistake, there will be many tests to come. Do you not remember the lessons that you were taught in the manor house? ‘The Chosen are revealed by their might; the weak deserve no sympathy.’ I choose only the strongest to serve Me.

“Now gird yourselves, for your next test has arrived! Do not underestimate them, for they are strong servants of the Shining One. They seek revenge for their family members that you have slain during your ascent.”

You see Iron Sam Barhold before you, as grim as he was when you struck him down. His form changes to that of a slightly younger man that bears the same grim look.

He is replaced by the proper Captain Mott, put to death for slaying his fellow Captain Zach Edderly when you exposed his affair with Mott’s wife. That image morphs to that of a large, bulk of a man with a wild look about him.

This is followed by Captain Ryan Varning, the leader of the rangers who was slain defending the gatehouse against your final assault. His image changes to a man who could be his twin though he wears a white and gold robe instead of armor.

The garrison chaplain Fr. Althus Donnigan appears next. His image changes to an older man who wears the the same symbol of Avenar on his chest.

The final image is of Lord Commander Thomas Havelyn. Even this ghostly form stares at you with contempt. It is replaced by a man who shares the piercing eyes of the fallen paladin, but he looks more like another that you have seen (insight check DC 18).

“Most will gladly lay down their lives to destroy you. See that they have the opportunity to do so! Do not squander this warning, there will be no time for you to waste! Your enemies are upon you!”

With that, the Spirit of Karamaka departs. The light returns to normal.
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