The Letter

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The Letter

Post by Dave » Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:56 pm

To My Ninth:

Since that day you arrived filthy and famished upon my doorstep, I have always seen within you great potential. And today you prove me correct once more. You have the Daemon’s Gift! I could not be more pleased. You have in your possession a terrible weapon and now, we must see it used.

Get thee to Huntsfield with all haste. Therein seek Barnabus Thrain, master of the Stygian Chord. He awaits you in the Library of Ghaster. Ask him whom he serves. He will answer “only knowledge.” Yes, he is a priest of Avenar, but fear not – he has seen the power of our cause. Into Thrain’s hand deliver the Gift. He has agents who will see that the Tears are delivered to where it may do the most damage. He will have something for you as well – a token of my esteem.

Then I command you; wait in Huntsfield, avoiding the eyes of our enemies. You will have one month to rest and regain your strength’s full measure. Use it well. Prepare yourself for your next mission for it shall be thy greatest test yet.

The Tears of Achlys is a scalpel, my Ninth, and with it we will cut the hated Church of Avenar from the heart of the Lake States. When the month is past, Tiadora will fetch you and bring you to audience with the Fire-Axe. He will give to you the kernel of an army. Build upon it! Recruit any who can aid you and with your army at the ready, you will march!

To the shore of Lake Daltrey, south of the Nivole Forest, to take the Watchtower of Saintsbridge. You will conquer it as you did Everard Tower. Saintsbridge stands around a portal to the Vale of Valtaerna, a stronghold that sits not on Arre but in its own material plane. The Vale also serves as the home of some of the Church of Avenar’s greatest allies and healers.

Once your army has passed through the gate, you will seal it behind you by a means that Tiadora will bring to you just before your assault. When you seal the gate, you will isolate that pocket dimension from any outside influence. Those within will be unable to leave, and no one will be able to come to their aid even if they could send a call for help.

This barrier will also affect you. Those of you who receive your spells from Our Lady will be unable to change your prepared spells, and your Communes and other divinations of the like will be unheard. Other spells and abilities that call forth the power of Our Lady may not work while the barrier stands. You must choose your spells wisely. Do not squander the month before Tiadora comes to collect you by not preparing.

The barrier will hold for 12 days. After that, the Avernarians will regain access to the Vale. Before then, they will undoubtedly recapture the Watchtower from whatever force you leave behind to guard it. Their sacrifice will be noted. Know that when the Avenarians return to the Vale, they will be in great numbers and force. It would be best if you were not there to meet them. Tiadora will supply you with a means for your discreet departure when the barrier falls.

Break the Watchtower of Saintsbridge, invade the Vale and destroy everyone in that sacred place. Leave no witness. Violate the holy heart of the Cathedral of Avenar Made Manifest and leave not a single soul alive. Plunder its vaults of all you find, taking all the treasures they think guarded. By the time your deed is done, the Tears will be well spread across the Lake States.

The people desperate for respite will run to the simpering Avenarians begging for relief. And they will find in your wake only death and ashes, my Ninth.

Do all as I command and the time of our victory draws ever nearer. Commit my commands to heart and then burn this letter.
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