Spells and Stuff That Won’t Work While the Shield is Up

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Spells and Stuff That Won’t Work While the Shield is Up

Post by Dave » Mon Sep 21, 2020 8:14 pm

List of spells that won’t work while the barrier is up-

Astral Projection
Banishing Smite
Conjure Animals
Conjure Celestial
Conjure Elemental
Conjure Fey
Conjure Minor Elemental
Conjure Woodland Being
Contact Other Plane
Dispel Evil and Good- Dismissal option
Dwarmij’s Instant Summons- if the object is outside of this plane
Imprisonment- Hedged Prison option
Leomuds Secret Chest
Mordekainens Mansion
Planar Ally
Plane Shift- sorry Jack. No take backs either.
Prismatic Spray and Wall- the violet banish effect

Divine Intervention will not work. Sorry Russ, I know you just got it. It’s not that K can’t pierce the shield, you voice can’t be heard through it.

Summonings of creatures that wouldn’t typically be found in the pocket dimension will fail

There may be spells and abilities that have been missed. If it fits the mold of the above spells, they will fail.
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