The Watchtower Assault

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The Watchtower Assault

Post by Dave » Sat Mar 06, 2021 1:44 pm

This starts the end of the Meat Grinder. If you survive and conquer the Watchtower and cross the bridge into Sanctum, you will earn not just a deserved long rest but also a level. You guys last popped in the final days of the Horn. This will put you at 14 for the duration of your time in the Vale. It will take a few days for your guys (whatever survivors of the orcs, bugbears and your crew there are left that is) to kill most of the townsfolk. It will take another day or so to get all the loot together.

Let’s not get ahead pf ourselves though.

The situation- before you, and out of spell/bow range, is the Watchtower. It is 50ft tall, 50ft wide and made from the same material as Saintsbridge. It stands over the way to the bridge that crosses into Sanctum. Its a good bet that its loaded with soldiers and who knows what else. The portcullis in front is down. You can make out glints of armor on top.

There is a huge silver and blue banner flying from a great mast on the top deck of the tower. It bears the insignia of the Vale Guard. It is said that St. Marcius himself blessed the banner when this fortification was first commissioned. Probably not worth but so much in coin, but the greatest treasures usually aren’t anyways.

In front of the tower are 2 Alabaster Guardians. They look just like the ones at Saintsbridge. They are clearly active.

In front of them are about a hundred or so dwarven samurai (as identified by Readyrock). They are yelling curses and chanting oaths. Smacking their shields with their battle axes is popular too. They are within a hundred or so feet of the tower.

Flying high above the Watchtower are the remaining aasimar paladin griffon riders.

Some of your allies draw close to you and this is what they say:

Readyrock- “Hey Chief (he begins by addressing Valak directly, then to all of the Forsaken), it would be great if you could manage a few things.

First, if you could saturate the dwarves with whatever firepower you have left, that would be nice. Whatever you got that can blast a whole bunch of them will work. You probably won’t kill any of them with the first couple fireballs, but keep at it. Us and the bugbears can probably finish them off. Try not to get too many of us and the bugbears in the field of fire. You’re gonna need us to kill everyone in town.

Second, somehow block fire support from the tower itself. That was a neat trick blocking the cavalry charge back there. Can it work against a tower 50 ft high and 50ft wide? Be real cool if it could.

Last, step up and handle the Alabaster Guardians. Those duergar at Saintsbridge were tough, make no mistake. They were wasted on those Guardians back there. I seriously doubt that us and the bugbears would fare any better, even if you committed your guys too. If the Forsaken can knock them out, the rest of us can handle the dwarves

Oh yeah, you might want to keep an eye on those remaining griffon riders. Once your casters reveal their locations those guys will be paying a visit. There many be only a half dozen or so left, but they will be coming in fast.

As for the Watchtower itself, it should be a whole lot easier to crack than Everard, right? I mean its just one tower, and not a whole fort. What’s your plan for that?”

Izavel- “My lords, this tower is similarly enchanted as Saintsbridge in that transmutation types of magic will fail against it, and its defenders will not know fear.

Of the defenders, the Soldiers of the Vale Guard and the Paladins of the Watch have the support of both divine and arcane might. I have seen lightning and fire.

The fight will not end with the defeat of defenders of tower. The bridge must be crossed before the day ends, or all this effort could be lost. A wall of spines and steel bars the way. Beyond that wall Avenar’s own have gathered. In their death, they achieve their highest honor. You must not deny them their martyrdom.

After they die, you may rest easy. Your minions know the work that they must do. What direction they may need can provided by your most trusted servants. Timothy and Garavel will prove to be capable. They will keep the orcs and bugbears focused on the grim task ahead.

If we see the next day together, I will be prepared to provide you with counsel if you so desire.”

Raiju- “If it does not intrude upon your own vision of glory, I shall find entrance into the Watchtower and earn my pay. I shall wreak havoc and disrupt them as much as possible. Drawing some attention into the Watchtower itself would open up an opportunity for others to strike on the top of the tower. If I am able to raise the portcullis I shall. If that happens, then negotiating my bonus shall be an easy task! For me! Ha ha ha!”

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